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2020-03-25Life in the pandemic: Some reflections on nursing in the context of COVID-19.Jackson, D; Bradbury-Jones, C; Baptiste, D; Gelling, L; Morin, K; Neville, S; Smith, GD
2020-10Use of the DSM in undergraduate mental health nursing education: Friend or foe? A contemporary issue.Zugai, JS
2020-09Modes of Informed Caring: Perspectives of Health Professionals Who Are Mothers of Adult Children with Schizophrenia.Klages, D; East, L; Usher, K; Jackson, D
2021-02-02The development and evaluation of an integrated virtual patient case study and related online resources for person-centred nursing practice.Orr, F; Kelly, M; Virdun, C; Power, T; Phillips, A; Gray, J
2020-05-18The effects of bibliotherapy on the mental well-being of informal caregivers of people with neurocognitive disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Wang, S; Bressington, DT; Leung, AYM; Davidson, PM; Cheung, DSK
2020-12Pandemic-related behaviours and psychological outcomes; A rapid literature review to explain COVID-19 behaviours.Usher, K; Jackson, D; Durkin, J; Gyamfi, N; Bhullar, N
2020-10-01Physical activity and dietary habits of first year nursing students: an Australian dual-method studySmith, L; Disler, R; Watson, K
2020-10Nurses' and consumers' shared experiences of seclusion and restraint: A qualitative literature review.Hawsawi, T; Power, T; Zugai, J; Jackson, D
2020-04-16Living with diabetes and disadvantage: A qualitative, geographical case study.Power, T; Kelly, R; Usher, K; East, L; Travaglia, J; Robertson, H; Balintongog, A; Jackson, D
2020-08Recommendations to Leverage the Palliative Nursing Role During COVID-19 and Future Public Health Crises.Rosa, WE; Gray, TF; Chow, K; Davidson, PM; Dionne-Odom, JN; Karanja, V; Khanyola, J; Kpoeh, JDN; Lusaka, J; Matula, ST; Mazanec, P; Moreland, PJ; Pandey, S; de Campos, AP; Meghani, SH
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