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1-Dec-2016Peri-Conceptual and Mid-Pregnancy Alcohol Consumption: A Comparison between Areas of High and Low Deprivation in ScotlandSymon, A; Rankin, J; Sinclair, H; Butcher, G; Smith, L; Gordon, R; Cochrane, L
1-Jun-2017Any action? Reflections on the Australian Midwifery Action ProjectGray, JE; Smith, RM
1-Jan-2015Desperately seeking parenthood: Neonatal nurses reflect on parental anguishGreen, J; Darbyshire, P; Adams, A; Jackson, D
1-Nov-2018Neonatal nurses’ response to a hypothetical premature birth situation: What if it was my baby?Green, J; Darbyshire, P; Adams, A; Jackson, D
1-Jul-2007"it just alienated usg": A case study to explore the impact of assisted reproductive technology on family relationshipsPeters, K; Jackson, D; Rudge, T
1-Jul-2009Women's experiences of recovery from childbirth: Focus on pelvis problems that extend beyond the puerperiumO'Reilly, R; Peters, K; Beale, B; Jackson, D
1-Apr-2012Separation, failure and temporary relinquishment: Women's experiences of early mothering in the context of emergency hysterectomyElmir, R; Schmied, V; Wilkes, L; Jackson, D
1-Oct-2018Organising safe and sustainable care in alongside midwifery units: Findings from an organisational ethnographic studyMcCourt, C; Rance, S; Rayment, J; Sandall, J
1-Mar-2017Motivating women and their partners to participate in childbirth education and increasing natural delivery rates in IranPage, L
1-Jan-2019Modified early obstetric warning scores: A promising tool but more evidence and standardization is requiredRobbins, T; Shennan, A; Sandall, J
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