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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02-01Patient perceptions of clinical care in complementary medicine: A systematic review of the consultation experienceFoley, H; Steel, A
2018-09-01Audit of Intrapartum Care Based on the National Guideline for Midwifery and Birth ServicesMinooee, S; Simbar, M; Sheikhan, Z; Alavi Majd, H
2020-05-05Trajectories of hospital infection control: Using non-representational theory to understand and improve infection prevention and control.Hooker C; Hor S; Wyer M; Gilbert GL; Jorm C; Iedema R
2020-02-05An assessment of Ebola-related stigma and its association with informal healthcare utilisation among Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone: a cross-sectional study.James PB; Wardle J; Steel A; Adams J
2020-06Development and preliminarily validation of the Complementary Medicine Disclosure Index.McIntyre E; Foley H; Diezel H; Harnett J; Adams J; Sibritt D; Steel A
2020-05-05More than words: ANZJPH declares an urgent call for manuscripts that focus on Indigenous healthStoneham M; Percival N
2020-04-08Misoprostol for the prevention of post-partum haemorrhage in Mozambique: an analysis of the interface between human rights, maternal health and development.Hobday K; Zwi AB; Homer C; Kirkham R; Hulme J; Wate PZ; Prata N
2020-01Predictors of Adherence to Self-Care in Rural Patients With Heart Failure.Biddle MJ; Moser DK; Pelter MM; Robinson S; Dracup K
2020-09Providing healthcare to Ebola survivors: A qualitative exploratory investigation of healthcare providers' views and experiences in Sierra Leone.James PB; Wardle J; Steel A; Adams J; Bah AJ; Sevalie S
2020-08Service use of young people with Type 1 diabetes after transition from paediatric to adult-based diabetes health care.Perry L; Dunbabin J; Xu X; Lowe J; Acharya S; James S; Steinbeck KS
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