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1-Sep-2018Associations Between Cancer Screening Behavior and Complementary Medicine Use: Results of a National Cross-Sectional Survey of 9151 Australian WomenFrawley, JE; McIntyre, E; Sibbritt, D; Wardle, J; Schloss, J; Lauche, R; Adams, J
1-Oct-2018Improving equity and cultural responsiveness with marginalised communities: Understanding competing worldviewsWilson, D; Heaslip, V; Jackson, D
1-May-2019What is the Impact of Volunteers Providing Care and Support for People with Dementia in Acute Hospitals? A Systematic ReviewHall, CL; Brooke, J; Pendlebury, ST; Jackson, D
1-May-2019Global, regional, and national burden of neurological disorders, 1990–2016: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2016Feigin, VL; Nichols, E; Alam, T; Bannick, MS; Beghi, E; Blake, N; Culpepper, WJ; Dorsey, ER; Elbaz, A; Ellenbogen, RG; Fisher, JL; Fitzmaurice, C; Giussani, G; Glennie, L; James, SL; Johnson, CO; Kassebaum, NJ; Logroscino, G; Marin, B; Mountjoy-Venning, WC; Nguyen, M; Ofori-Asenso, R; Patel, AP; Piccininni, M; Roth, GA; Steiner, TJ; Stovner, LJ; Szoeke, CEI; Theadom, A; Vollset, SE; Wallin, MT; Wright, C; Zunt, JR; Abbasi, N; Abd-Allah, F; Abdelalim, A; Abdollahpour, I; Aboyans, V; Abraha, HN; Acharya, D; Adamu, AA; Adebayo, OM; Adeoye, AM; Adsuar, JC; Afarideh, M; Agrawal, S; Ahmadi, A; Ahmed, MB; Aichour, AN; Aichour, I; Aichour, MTE; Akinyemi, RO; Akseer, N; Al-Eyadhy, A; Al-Shahi Salman, R; Alahdab, F; Alene, KA; Aljunid, SM; Altirkawi, K; Alvis-Guzman, N; Anber, NH; Antonio, CAT; Arabloo, J; Aremu, O; Ärnlöv, J; Asayesh, H; Asghar, RJ; Atalay, HT; Awasthi, A; Ayala Quintanilla, BP; Ayuk, TB; Badawi, A; Banach, M; Banoub, JAM; Barboza, MA; Barker-Collo, SL; Bärnighausen, TW; Baune, BT; Bedi, N; Behzadifar, M; Behzadifar, M; Béjot, Y; Bekele, BB; Belachew, AB; Bennett, DA; Bensenor, IM; Berhane, A; Beuran, M; Bhattacharyya, K; Bhutta, ZA; Biadgo, B; Bijani, A; Bililign, N; Bin Sayeed, MS; Blazes, CK; Brayne, C; Butt, ZA; Campos-Nonato, IR; Cantu-Brito, C; Car, M
1-Nov-2018How couples with dementia experience healthcare, lifestyle, and everyday decision-makingSinclair, C; Gersbach, K; Hogan, M; Bucks, RS; Auret, KA; Clayton, JM; Agar, M; Kurrle, S
7-Nov-2018Comparison of implementation strategies to influence adherence to the clinical pathway for screening, assessment and management of anxiety and depression in adult cancer patients (ADAPT CP): Study protocol of a cluster randomised controlled trialButow, P; Shaw, J; Shepherd, HL; Price, M; Masya, L; Kelly, B; Rankin, NM; Girgis, A; Hack, TF; Beale, P; Viney, R; Dhillon, HM; Coll, J; Kelly, P; Lovell, M; Grimison, P; Shaw, T; Luckett, T; Cuddy, J; White, F; Andrews, G; Allison, K; Geerligs, L; Baychek, K; Piro, D; Pearce, A; Yim, J
1-Jan-2018“Engaging in my rural community”: perceptions of people aged 85 years and overNeville, S; Adams, J; Napier, S; Shannon, K; Jackson, D
2-Nov-2019Predicting the intention to use herbal medicines for anxiety symptoms: a model of health behaviourMcIntyre, E; Saliba, AJ; Wiener, KKK; Bishop, FL
1-Jun-2018Self-management Following a Cardiac Event in People of Chinese Ethnicity Living in Western Countries: A Scoping ReviewZhang, L; Gallagher, R; Ding, D; Neubeck, L
1-Oct-2018The Australian Medical Oncologist Workforce Survey: The profile and challenges of medical oncologyLwin, Z; Broom, A; Sibbritt, D; Francis, K; Karapetis, CS; Karikios, D; Harrup, R
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