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10-Nov-2018Measuring progress from 1990 to 2017 and projecting attainment to 2030 of the health-related Sustainable Development Goals for 195 countries and territories: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017Lozano, R; Fullman, N; Abate, D; Abay, SM; Abbafati, C; Abbasi, N; Abbastabar, H; Abd-Allah, F; Abdela, J; Abdelalim, A; Abdel-Rahman, O; Abdi, A; Abdollahpour, I; Abdulkader, RS; Abebe, ND; Abebe, Z; Abejie, AN; Abera, SF; Abil, OZ; Aboyans, V; Abraha, HN; Abrham, AR; Abu-Raddad, LJ; Abu-Rmeileh, NM; Abyu, GY; Accrombessi, MMK; Acharya, D; Acharya, P; Adamu, AA; Adebayo, OM; Adedeji, IA; Adedoyin, RA; Adekanmbi, V; Adetokunboh, OO; Adhena, BM; Adhikari, TB; Adib, MG; Adou, AK; Adsuar, JC; Afarideh, M; Afshari, M; Afshin, A; Agarwal, G; Aghayan, SA; Agius, D; Agrawal, A; Agrawal, S; Ahmadi, A; Ahmadi, M; Ahmadieh, H; Ahmed, MB; Ahmed, S; Akalu, TY; Akanda, AS; Akbari, ME; Akibu, M; Akinyemi, RO; Akinyemiju, T; Akseer, N; Alahdab, F; Al-Aly, Z; Alam, K; Alam, T; Albujeer, A; Alebel, A; Alene, KA; Al-Eyadhy, A; Alhabib, S; Ali, R; Alijanzadeh, M; Alizadeh-Navaei, R; Aljunid, SM; Alkerwi, A; Alla, F; Allebeck, P; Allen, CA; Almasi, A; Al-Maskari, F; Al-Mekhlafi, HM; Alonso, J; Al-Raddadi, RM; Alsharif, U; Altirkawi, K; Alvis-Guzman, N; Amare, AT; Amenu, K; Amini, E; Ammar, W; Anber, NH; Anderson, JA; Andrei, CL; Androudi, S; Animut, MD; Anjomshoa, M; Ansari, H; Ansariadi, A; Ansha, MG; Antonio, CAT; Anwari, P; Appiah, LT
1-Apr-2019Counselling-based psychosocial intervention to improve the mental health of abused pregnant women: A protocol for randomised controlled feasibility trial in a tertiary hospital in eastern NepalSapkota, D; Baird, K; Saito, A; Rijal, P; Pokharel, R; Anderson, D
1-Mar-2019Effectiveness of psychological interventions for women with type 2 diabetes who are overweight or obese: A systematic review protocolJesse, CD; Creedy, DK; Anderson, DJ
1-Nov-2019Soy intake and vasomotor menopausal symptoms among midlife women: a pooled analysis of five studies from the InterLACE consortiumDunneram, Y; Chung, HF; Cade, JE; Greenwood, DC; Dobson, AJ; Mitchell, ES; Woods, NF; Brunner, EJ; Yoshizawa, T; Anderson, D; Mishra, GD
2-Apr-2019Interventions for reducing and/or controlling domestic violence among pregnant women in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic reviewSapkota, D; Baird, K; Saito, A; Anderson, D
18-Jan-2018Does different information disclosure on placebo control affect blinding and trial outcomes? A case study of participant information leaflets of randomized placebo-controlled trials of acupunctureCheon, S; Park, HJ; Chae, Y; Lee, H
1-Jan-2019Development and validation of the Australian Midwifery Standards Assessment Tool (AMSAT) to the Australian Midwife Standards for Practice 2018Sweet, L; Fleet, J; Bull, A; Downer, T; Fox, D; Bowman, R; Ebert, L; Graham, K; Bass, J; Muller, A; Henderson, A
2-Jun-2018Measuring performance on the Healthcare Access and Quality Index for 195 countries and territories and selected subnational locations: A systematic analysis from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2016Fullman, N; Yearwood, J; Abay, SM; Abbafati, C; Abd-Allah, F; Abdela, J; Abdelalim, A; Abebe, Z; Abebo, TA; Aboyans, V; Abraha, HN; Abreu, DMX; Abu-Raddad, LJ; Adane, AA; Adedoyin, RA; Adetokunboh, O; Adhikari, TB; Afarideh, M; Afshin, A; Agarwal, G; Agius, D; Agrawal, A; Agrawal, S; Ahmad Kiadaliri, A; Aichour, MTE; Akibu, M; Akinyemi, RO; Akinyemiju, TF; Akseer, N; Al Lami, FH; Alahdab, F; Al-Aly, Z; Alam, K; Alam, T; Alasfoor, D; Albittar, MI; Alene, KA; Al-Eyadhy, A; Ali, SD; Alijanzadeh, M; Aljunid, SM; Alkerwi, A; Alla, F; Allebeck, P; Allen, C; Alomari, MA; Al-Raddadi, R; Alsharif, U; Altirkawi, KA; Alvis-Guzman, N; Amare, AT; Amenu, K; Ammar, W; Amoako, YA; Anber, N; Andrei, CL; Androudi, S; Antonio, CAT; Araújo, VEM; Aremu, O; Ärnlöv, J; Artaman, A; Aryal, KK; Asayesh, H; Asfaw, ET; Asgedom, SW; Asghar, RJ; Ashebir, MM; Asseffa, NA; Atey, TM; Atre, SR; Atteraya, MS; Avila-Burgos, L; Avokpaho, EFGA; Awasthi, A; Ayala Quintanilla, BP; Ayalew, AA; Ayele, HT; Ayer, R; Ayuk, TB; Azzopardi, P; Azzopardi-Muscat, N; Babalola, TK; Badali, H; Badawi, A; Banach, M; Banerjee, A; Banstola, A; Barber, RM; Barboza, MA; Barker-Collo, SL; Bärnighausen, T; Barquera, S; Barrero, LH; Bassat, Q; Basu, S; Baune, BT; Bazargan-Hejazi, S; Bedi, N; Beghi, E
1-Apr-2018EUROSPINE 2017 FULL PAPER AWARD: Time to remove our rose-tinted spectacles: a candid appraisal of the relative success of surgery in over 4500 patients with degenerative disorders of the lumbar spine, hip or kneeMannion, AF; Impellizzeri, FM; Leunig, M; Jeszenszy, D; Becker, HJ; Haschtmann, D; Preiss, S; Fekete, TF
1-Nov-2018Effects of the Australian National Hand Hygiene Initiative after 8 years on infection control practices, health-care worker education, and clinical outcomes: a longitudinal studyGrayson, ML; Stewardson, AJ; Russo, PL; Ryan, KE; Olsen, KL; Havers, SM; Greig, S; Cruickshank, M
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