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1-Sep-2016Stroke Recovery GeneticsLindgren, A; Maguire, J
10-Sep-2010The impact of nurses on patient morbidity and mortality - The need for a policy change in response to the nursing shortageTwigg, D; Duffield, C; Thompson, PL; Rapley, P
1-Dec-2014Holding unregistered health practitioners to account: an analysis of current regulatory and legislative approachesWardle, J
1-Mar-2010Perinatal outcomes of women intending to give birth in birth centers in australiaLaws, PJ; Tracy, SK; Sullivan, EA
1-Jan-2010Can a heart failure-specific cardiac rehabilitation program decrease hospitalizations and improve outcomes in high-risk patients?Davidson, PM; Cockburn, J; Newton, PJ; Webster, JK; Betihavas, V; Howes, L; Owensbye, DO
1-Mar-2010Integrating individual, work group and organizational factors: Testing a multidimensional model of bullying in the nursing workplaceHutchinson, M; Wilkes, L; Jackson, D; Vickers, MH
1-Jul-2010Prevalence of hospital-acquired infections and antibiotic use in two tertiary Mongolian hospitalsIder, BE; Clements, A; Adams, J; Whitby, M; Muugolog, T
1-Jan-2011Implementing a clinical competency assessment model that promotes critical reflection and ensures nursing graduates' readiness for professional practiceLevett-Jones, T; Gersbach, J; Arthur, C; Roche, J
1-Mar-2010Inconsistent evidence: Analysis of six national guidelines for vaginal birth after cesarean sectionFoureur, M; Ryan, CL; Nicholl, M; Homer, C
1-Feb-2011Nursing clinical practice guidelines to improve care for people undergoing percutaneous coronary interventionsRolley, JX; Salamonson, Y; Wensley, C; Dennison, CR; Davidson, PM
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