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1-Mar-2018The Home-Heart-Walk study, a self-administered walk test on perceived physical functioning, and self-care behaviour in people with stable chronic heart failure: A randomized controlled trialDu, H; Newton, PJ; Budhathoki, C; Everett, B; Salamonson, Y; Macdonald, PS; Davidson, PM
1-Apr-2018Multiancestry genome-wide association study of 520,000 subjects identifies 32 loci associated with stroke and stroke subtypesMalik, R; Chauhan, G; Traylor, M; Sargurupremraj, M; Okada, Y; Mishra, A; Rutten-Jacobs, L; Giese, AK; Van Der Laan, SW; Gretarsdottir, S; Anderson, CD; Chong, M; Adams, HHH; Ago, T; Almgren, P; Amouyel, P; Ay, H; Bartz, TM; Benavente, OR; Bevan, S; Boncoraglio, GB; Brown, RD; Butterworth, AS; Carrera, C; Carty, CL; Chasman, DI; Chen, WM; Cole, JW; Correa, A; Cotlarciuc, I; Cruchaga, C; Danesh, J; De Bakker, PIW; Destefano, AL; Den Hoed, M; Duan, Q; Engelter, ST; Falcone, GJ; Gottesman, RF; Grewal, RP; Gudnason, V; Gustafsson, S; Haessler, J; Harris, TB; Hassan, A; Havulinna, AS; Heckbert, SR; Holliday, EG; Howard, G; Hsu, FC; Hyacinth, HI; Ikram, MA; Ingelsson, E; Irvin, MR; Jian, X; Jiménez-Conde, J; Johnson, JA; Jukema, JW; Kanai, M; Keene, KL; Kissela, BM; Kleindorfer, DO; Kooperberg, C; Kubo, M; Lange, LA; Langefeld, CD; Langenberg, C; Launer, LJ; Lee, JM; Lemmens, R; Leys, D; Lewis, CM; Lin, WY; Lindgren, AG; Lorentzen, E; Magnusson, PK; Maguire, J; Manichaikul, A; McArdle, PF; Meschia, JF; Mitchell, BD; Mosley, TH; Nalls, MA; Ninomiya, T; O'Donnell, MJ; Psaty, BM; Pulit, SL; Rannikmäe, K; Reiner, AP; Rexrode, KM; Rice, K; Rich, SS; Ridker, PM; Rost, NS; Rothwell, PM; Rotter, JI; Rundek, T; Sacco, RL; Sakaue, S; Sale, MM
1-Jul-2018Mental Fatigue and Soccer: Current Knowledge and Future DirectionsSmith, MR; Thompson, C; Marcora, SM; Skorski, S; Meyer, T; Coutts, AJ
1-Jun-2018Impacts on employment, finances, and lifestyle for working age people facing an expected premature death: A systematic reviewKochovska, S; Luckett, T; Agar, M; Phillips, JL
1-Jan-2018A Scoping Review of Qualitative Research Methods Used With People in PrisonAbbott, P; DiGiacomo, M; Magin, P; Hu, W
1-Jan-2014Undertaking ethical qualitative research in public health: Are current ethical processes sufficient?Kendall, S; Halliday, LE
1-Nov-2018Nurse-performed focused ultrasound in the emergency department: A systematic reviewVarndell, W; Topacio, M; Hagness, C; Lemon, H; Tracy, D
22-Apr-2018Prevalence and Correlates of Herbal Medicine Use among Women Seeking Care for Infertility in Freetown, Sierra LeoneJames, PB; Taidy-Leigh, L; Bah, AJ; Kanu, JS; Kangbai, JB; Sevalie, S
1-Oct-2018Herbal medicines use during pregnancy in Sierra Leone: An exploratory cross-sectional studyJames, PB; Bah, AJ; Tommy, MS; Wardle, J; Steel, A
1-Jul-2017A developmental evaluation to enhance stakeholder engagement in a wide-scale interactive project disseminating quality improvement data: Study protocol for a mixed-methods studyLaycock, A; Bailie, J; Matthews, V; Cunningham, F; Harvey, G; Percival, N; Bailie, R
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