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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Genetic Technologies and the Regulation of Reproductive Decision-Making in AustraliaKarpin, IA; Bennett, B
Jan-2004Looking backwards,looking forwards: Judicial and Legislative Trends in the Regulation or surrogate motherhood in the UK and AustraliaStuhmcke, AG
Jan-2012Australian mental health tribunals--'Space' for rights, protection, treatment and governance?Carney, T
Jan-2011The Criminal Act Of Commercial Surrogacy In Australia: A Call For ReviewStuhmcke, AG
25-Mar-2015Correcting the record: Australian prosecutions for manslaughter in the medical contextCarter, DJ
14-Sep-2014Storage limits of gametes and embryos: Regulation in search of policy justificationStuhmcke, AG; Chandler, E
Jan-2010Health service accreditation as a predictor of clinical and organizational performance: a blinded, random, stratified studyBraithwaite, J; Greenfield, D; Westbrook, J; Pawsey, M; Westbrook, M; Naylor, J; Gibberd, R; Nathan, S; Robinson, M; Runciman, B; Jackson, M; Travaglia, J; Johnston, B; Yen, D; McDonald, H; Low, L; Redman, S; Johnson, B; Hennessy, D; Clark, J; Lancaster, J; Corbett, A
2016The Relationship between Atmospheric Lead Emissions and Aggressive Crime: An Ecological StudyTaylor, MP; Forbes, MK; Opeskin, B; Parr, N; Lanphear, BP
Jan-2007Choosing Disability: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and Negative EnhancementKarpin, IA
Jan-2014Numerical Limits in Donor Conception Regimes: Genetic Links and Extended Family in the Era of Identity Disclosure.Millbank, J
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