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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Blurring the Lines of Environmental Responsibility: How Corporate and Public Governance was Circumvented in the Ok Tedi Mining Limited DisasterMarychurch, J; Stoianoff, NP; Adams, M; Prof Barker, D; McGolrick, S
Jan-2003Rehabilitation of Mining Sites: Tax, Accounting and Serving the EnvironmentStoianoff, NP; Kaidonis, MA; Milne, J; Deketelaere, K; Kreiser, L; Ashiabor, H
Jan-2006Protecting Australia's Trade Mark Interests through the Australia-China Free Trade AgreementMauger, L; Stoianoff, NP
Jan-2004Foreign Investment in China: The Cross Cultural DilemmaLin, Y; Stoianoff, NP
Jan-2005Rehabilitation of Mining Sites: Do taxation and Accounting Systems Legitimize the Priveleged or Serve Community Interests?Stoianoff, NP; Kaidonis, MA
Jan-2009The Recognition of Traditional Knowledge under Australian Biodiscovery Regimes: Why Bother with Intellectual Property Rights?Stoianoff, NP; Antons, C
Jan-2006Local Government Rates in New South Wales, Australia: An Environmental TaxKelly, AH; Stoianoff, NP; Cavaliere, A; Ashiabor, H; Deketelaere, K; Kreiser, L; Milne, J
Jan-2004An International Perspective on the Implementation of the Biodiversity Treaty and Access to Biological ResourcesStoianoff, NP; Natalie Stoianoff
Jan-2004Managing Access to Australia's Biological Resources: Issues in Developing a National ApproachStoianoff, NP; Fox, T; Natalie Stoianoff
Jan-2012Navigating the Landscape of Indigenous Knowledge - A Legal PerspectiveStoianoff, NP
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