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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2011The criminal act of commercial surrogacy in Australia: a call for review.Stuhmcke, A
1-Apr-2018How are complementary health professions regulated in Australia? An examination of complementary health professions in the national registration and accreditation schemeSibbritt, D; Kaye, M; Millbank, J; Stuhmcke, A; Wardle, J; Karpin, I
16-Jul-2014A systematic review of factors affecting children's right to health in cluster randomized trials in Kenya.Oduwo, E; Edwards, SJL
1-Jan-2014Smoking-Cessation Interventions in People Living With HIV Infection: A Systematic ReviewMoscou-Jackson, G; Commodore-Mensah, Y; Farley, J; DiGiacomo, M
1-Sep-2017Including People with Dementia in Research: An Analysis of Australian Ethical and Legal Rules and Recommendations for ReformRies, NM; Thompson, KA; Lowe, M
1-Sep-2014Reactivation of maternal SNORD116 cluster via SETDB1 knockdown in Prader-Willi syndrome iPSCs.Cruvinel, E; Budinetz, T; Germain, N; Chamberlain, S; Lalande, M; Martins-Taylor, K
1-Jan-2014Storage limits of gametes and embryos: regulation in search of policy justification.Stuhmcke, A; Chandler, E
1-Feb-2010Health service accreditation as a predictor of clinical and organisational performance: A blinded, random, stratified studyBraithwaite, J; Greenfield, D; Westbrook, J; Pawsey, M; Westbrook, M; Gibberd, R; Naylor, J; Nathan, S; Robinson, M; Runciman, B; Jackson, M; Travaglia, J; Johnston, B; Yen, D; McDonald, H; Low, L; Redman, S; Johnson, B; Corbett, A; Hennessy, D; Clark, J; Lancaster, J
1-Aug-2007Choosing disability: preimplantation genetic diagnosis and negative enhancement.Karpin, I
1-Jan-2007Legal pragmatism and the pre-birth continuum: an absence of unifying principle.Stewart, P; Stuhmcke, A
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