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Jan-2006Blurring the Lines of Environmental Responsibility: How Corporate and Public Governance was Circumvented in the Ok Tedi Mining Limited DisasterMarychurch, J; Stoianoff, NP; Adams, M; Prof Barker, D; McGolrick, S
Jan-2009Sentencing Indigenous Resisters as if the Death in Custody Never OccuredAnthony, T; Segrave Marie
1-Jan-2013'The books don't talk to me!': Postgraduate student groups and research student identity formationSteele, LR; Bell, F; Shackel, R; Frielick, S; Buissink-Smith, N; Wyse, P; Billot, J; Hallas, J; Whitehead, E
Jan-2009Serviced Strata Schemes: Real Property or A Financial Product?Riley, S; Li, G; Grahame Newell
1-Jan-2017Proposing a mapping system to aid conceptualization of macro-frameworks in Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice.Scott, M
Jan-2008A Study of the Chinese Telecommunications Industry and its Regulatory SustainabilityLi, G; KIERKEGAARD, SM
Jan-2006Species Listing and Precaution Under the Environmental protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth)Dwyer, A; Adams, M; Barker, D; McGolrick, S
Jan-2006Future Needs Strikes Back? Assessing the Consequences of Contributions to De Facto RelationshipMonahan, GI; Adams, M; Barker, D; McGolrick, S
Jan-2007The Not So Ordinary, Reasonable person or the man From Clapham Just Got Off the BusTownsley, L; Dobinson, IR; Adams, M; Barker, D; Poludniewski, K
Jan-2006The Electronic Age: Virtual Conveyancing and the Torrens Title SystemRiley, S; Runeson, G; Best, GR
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