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1-Jan-2015SplicingTypesAnno: Annotating and quantifying alternative splicing events for RNA-Seq dataSun, X; Zuo, F; Ru, Y; Guo, J; Yan, X; Sablok, G
1-Mar-2013Formyl group modification of chlorophyll a: A major evolutionary mechanism in oxygenic photosynthesisSchliep, M; Cavigliasso, G; Quinnell, RG; Stranger, R; Larkum, AWD
Jan-2013Newly isolated Chl d-containing cyanobacteriaLi, Y; Larkum, A; Schliep, MT; Kuhl, M; Neilan, B; Chen, M; Kuang, T; Lu, C; Zhang, L
1-Sep-2012Geochemical and microbial diversity of bundera sinkhole, an anchialine system in the eastern Indian oceanHumphreys, W; Tetu, S; Elbourne, L; Gillings, M; Seymour, J; Mitchell, J; Paulsen, I
Jan-2008Dynamics Of Genome Rearrangement In Bacterial PopulationsDarling, AE; Miklos, I; Ragan, M
20-Feb-2009Are protein domains modules of lateral genetic transfer?Chan, CX; Darling, AE; Beiko, RG; Ragan, MA
Jan-2009Lateral Transfer Of Genes And Gene Fragments In ProkaryotesChan, C; Beiko, R; Darling, AE; Ragan, M
1-Mar-2012Pyriproxyfen for the control of Australian salt-marsh mosquito, Aedes vigilaxWebb, G; Miller, P; Peters, B
21-Dec-2012The role of several ABC transporter genes in ivermectin resistance in Caenorhabditis elegansYan, R; Urdaneta-Marquez, L; Keller, K; James, CE; Davey, MW; Prichard, RK
Jan-2012Vibrio Cholerae In A Historically Cholera-free CountryHaley, B; Chen, A; Grim, C; Clark, P; Diaz, C; Taviani, E; Hasan, N; Sancomb, E; Elnemr, W; Islam, MA; Huq, A; Colwell, R; Benediktsdottir, E
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