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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Aug-2010Estimating Aquatic Productivity from Active Fluorescence MeasurementsSuggett, DJ; Moore, CM; Geider, RJ; Suggett, DJ; Prasil, O; Borowitzka, M
1-Jan-2016Mangrove and seagrass beds provide different biogeochemical services for corals threatened by climate changeCamp, EF; Suggett, DJ; Gendron, G; Jompa, J; Manfrino, C; Smith, DJ
1-Aug-2013Transcript patterns of chloroplast-encoded genes in cultured Symbiodinium spp. (Dinophyceae): Testing the influence of a light shift and diel periodicityMcginley, MP; Suggett, DJ; Warner, ME
1-Jun-2012Management of marine resources; Combining industry and researchMansell, PJ; Suggett, DJ; Smith, DJ
1-Apr-2012Spatial variability in the structure of intertidal crab and gastropod assemblages within the Seychelles Archipelago (Indian Ocean)Smale, DA; Barnes, DKA; Barnes, RSK; Smith, DJ; Suggett, DJ
22-Sep-2009Nitrogen and phosphorus limitation of oceanic microbial growth during spring in the Gulf of AqabaSuggett, DJ; Stambler, N; Prášil, O; Kolber, Z; Quigg, A; Vázquez-Dominguez, E; Zohary, T; Berman, T; Iluz, D; Levitan, O; Lawson, T; Meeder, E; Lazar, B; Bar-Zeev, E; Medova, H; Berman-Frank, I
1-Jan-2012Optimisation of a fast DMS sensor (FDS) for real time quantification of dimethyl sulfide production by algaeGreen, BC; Suggett, DJ; Hills, A; Steinke, M
1-Apr-2013The construction of causal networks to estimate coral bleaching intensityKrug, LA; Gherardi, DFM; Stech, JL; Leão, ZMAN; Kikuchi, RKP; Hruschka, ER; Suggett, DJ
1-Jan-2014Large centric diatoms allocate more cellular nitrogen to photosynthesis to counter slower RUBISCO turnover ratesWu, Y; Jeans, J; Suggett, DJ; Finkel, ZV; Campbell, DA
1-Jan-2017A novel membrane inlet-infrared gas analysis (MI-IRGA) system for monitoring of seawater carbonate systemCamp, EF; Dong, LF; Suggett, DJ; Smith, DJ; Boatman, TG; Crosswel, JR; Evenhuis, C; Scorfield, S; Walinjkar, A; Woods, J; Lawson, T
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