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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jul-2016Enhancing the Flipped Classroom Experience with the Aid of Inclusive DesignReyna Zeballos, JL; Davila, YC; Meier, PC
1-May-2018Ferrous ion as a reducing agent in the generation of antibiofilm nitric oxide from a copper-based catalytic systemWonoputri, V; Gunawan, C; Liu, S; Barraud, N; Yee, LH; Lim, M; Amal, R
4-Mar-2017Implementing and investigating distributed leadership in a national university network–SaMnetSharma, MD; Rifkin, W; Tzioumis, V; Hill, M; Johnson, E; Varsavsky, C; Jones, S; Beames, S; Crampton, A; Zadnik, M; Pyke, S
1-May-2017Closed forms for finite sums of weighted products of generalized Fibonacci numbersMelham, RS
1-May-2017Closed forms for finite sums of weighted products of the sine and cosine functionsMelham, RS
1-Aug-2017Sums of certain products of fibonacci & Lucas numbers-part IIIMelham, RS
16-Jun-2017Prettycloud: Visualizing weighted and grouped genomic context with mathematical curvesMiao, P; Sablok, G; Zhang, Q; Tao, M; Zhu, B; Feng, G; Sun, X
2-Oct-2017The possible roles of algae in restricting the increase in atmospheric CO<inf>2</inf>and global temperatureRaven, JA
1-Jun-2017In Synechococcus sp. competition for energy between assimilation and acquisition of C and those of N only occurs when growth is light limitedRuan, Z; Raven, JA; Giordano, M
1-Apr-2016Physical oceanographic processes influence bio-optical properties in the Tasman SeaCherukuru, N; Davies, PL; Brando, VE; Anstee, JM; Baird, ME; Clementson, LA; Doblin, MA
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