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2004-05Avoidance behaviors in patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillators.Lemon, J; Edelman, S; Kirkness, A
2018-11-01Closed forms for 10 families of finite sums of fractional generalized Fibonacci productsMelham, RS
2017-01-01First complete Providencia rettgeri genome sequence, the NDM-1-producing clinical strain RB151Marquez-Ortiz, RA; Haggerty, L; Sim, EM; Duarte, C; Castro-Cardozo, BE; Beltran, M; Saavedra, S; Vanegas, N; Escobar-Perez, J; Petty, NK
2008-03-01Structural and functional characterization of an organic hydroperoxide resistance protein from Mycoplasma gallisepticumJenkins, C; Samudrala, R; Geary, SJ; Djordjevic, SP
2002-01Antibody-antigen kinetics following immunization of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) with a T-cell dependent antigenCain, KD; Jones, D; Raison, RL
2009-12-01The communication challenges faced in adopting a palliative care approach in advanced dementiaJohnson, A; Chang, E; Daly, J; Harrison, K; Noel, M; Hancock, K; Easterbrook, S
2010-01-01Is cotton-strip tensile strength a surrogate for microbial activity in groundwater?Lategan, MJ; Korbel, K; Hose, GC
2003-01From individuals to populations: Prey fish risk-taking mediates mortality in whole-system experimentsBiro, P; Post, JR; Parkinson, EA
2018-03-28Textile Dye Removal from Aqueous Solution using Modified Graphite Waste/Lanthanum/Chitosan CompositeKusrini, E; Wicaksono, B; Yulizar, Y; Prasetyanto, EA; Gunawan, C
2018-06-01Production of the novel fibrous structure of poly(ε-caprolactone)/tri-calcium phosphate/hexagonal boron nitride composites for bone tissue engineeringOzbek, B; Erdogan, B; Ekren, N; Oktar, FN; Akyol, S; Ben-Nissan, B; Sasmazel, HT; Kalkandelen, C; Mergen, A; Kuruca, SE; Ozen, G; Gunduz, O
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