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2020-01-13Heritable nanosilver resistance in priority pathogen: a unique genetic adaptation and comparison with ionic silver and antibiotics.Valentin E; Bottomley AL; Chilambi GS; Harry EJ; Amal R; Sotiriou GA; Rice SA; Gunawan C
2015-02-12A miniature bioassay for testing the acute phytotoxicity of photosystem II herbicides on seagrassWilkinson, AD; Collier, CJ; Flores, F; Mercurio, P; O'Brien, J; Ralph, PJ; Negri, AP
2017-02-01Clarification of Photorespiratory Processes and the Role of Malic Enzyme in DiatomsDavis, A; Abbriano, R; Smith, SR; Hildebrand, M
2005-09-16Microscale and small-scale temporal dynamics of a coastal planktonic microbial communitySeymour, JR; Seuront, L; Mitchell, JG
2004-07-16Searching for new markers of endogenous steroid administration in athletes: "looking outside the metabolic box".Cawley, AT; Hine, ER; Trout, GJ; George, AV; Kazlauskas, R
2002-01Distribution and evolution of the anopheles punctulatus group (Diptera: Culicidae) in Australia and Papua New GuineaBeebe, NW; Cooper, RD
2005-12-01Discovery of an MIT-like atracotoxin family: Spider venom peptides that share sequence homology but not pharmacological properties with AVIT family proteinsWen, S; Wilson, DTR; Kuruppu, S; Korsinczky, MLJ; Hedrick, J; Pang, L; Szeto, T; Hodgson, WC; Alewood, PF; Nicholson, GM
1992-01A mechanistic and predictive model of metal accumulation by the tissue of the Australian freshwater mussel Felesunio angasiJeffree, R; Brown, PL
2012-09-01Localized states in an ultracold atomic gas trapped in a bichromatic potential: The effect of a time-varying phaseTawfik, SA
2020-09-23The Molecular Language of the Cnidarian-Dinoflagellate Symbiosis.Rosset SL; Oakley CA; Ferrier-Pagès C; Suggett DJ; Weis VM; Davy SK
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