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2020-07-30Nitrite production by ammonia-oxidizing bacteria mediates chloramine decay and resistance in a mixed-species community.Keshvardoust, P; Huron, VAA; Clemson, M; Barraud, N; Rice, SA
2020-04Protozoa hosts lead to virulence.McDougald, D; Longford, SR
2020-07-07Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Anthraniloyl-AMP Mimics as PQS Biosynthesis Inhibitors Against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Resistance.Sabir, S; Subramoni, S; Das, T; Black, DS; Rice, SA; Kumar, N
2020-01-01Genomic Surveillance for One Health Antimicrobial Resistance: Understanding Human, Animal, and Environmental Reservoirs and TransmissionDjordjevic, SP; Jarocki, VM; Morgan, B; Donner, E
2020-12Weak acids as an alternative anti-microbial therapyKundukad, B; Udayakumar, G; Grela, E; Kaur, D; Rice, SA; Kjelleberg, S; Doyle, PS
2020-06-03Light-Driven Oxygen Consumption in the Water-Water Cycles and Photorespiration, and Light Stimulated Mitochondrial RespirationRaven, J; Beardall, J; Quigg, A
2019-01-01Are we just engaging ‘the usual suspects’? Challenges in and practical strategies for supporting equity and diversity in student–staff partnership initiativesMercer-Mapstone, L; Islam, M; Reid, T
2020-05Green biolubricant infused slippery surfaces to combat marine biofouling.Basu, S; Hanh, BM; Isaiah Chua, JQ; Daniel, D; Ismail, MH; Marchioro, M; Amini, S; Rice, SA; Miserez, A
2020-01Natural Transformation in Deinococcus radiodurans: A Genetic Analysis Reveals the Major Roles of DprA, DdrB, RecA, RecF, and RecO Proteins.Ithurbide, S; Coste, G; Lisboa, J; Eugénie, N; Bentchikou, E; Bouthier de la Tour, C; Liger, D; Confalonieri, F; Sommer, S; Quevillon-Cheruel, S; Servant, P
2019-02-01Microscale light management and inherent optical properties of intact corals studied with optical coherence tomographyWangpraseurt, D; Jacques, S; Lyndby, N; Holm, JB; Pages, CF; Kühl, M
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