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2008-01E-Electioneering: Use of new media in the 2007 Australian federal electionMacnamara, J; Tilley, E
2018-10-12Perovskite Solar Cells Employing Copper Phthalocyanine Hole-Transport Material with an Efficiency over 20% and Excellent Thermal StabilityDuong, T; Peng, J; Walter, D; Xiang, J; Shen, H; Chugh, D; Lockrey, M; Zhong, D; Li, J; Weber, K; White, TP; Catchpole, KR
2006-05-15Bioavailability of iron sensed by a phytoplanktonic Fe-bioreporterHassler, CS; Twiss, MR
2010-09-01Robust dynamics of Amazon dieback to climate change with perturbed ecosystem model parametersPoulter, B; Hattermann, F; Hawkins, E; Zaehle, S; Sitch, S; Restrepo-Coupe, N; Heyder, U; Cramer, W
2019-03-05Luminescence Lifetime Imaging of Chemical Sensors - A Comparison between Time-Domain and Frequency-Domain Based Camera SystemsKoren, K; Moßhammer, M; Scholz, VV; Borisov, SM; Holst, G; Kühl, M
2016-02-24Nanoviricides: Targeted anti-viral nanomaterialsBarton, RW; Tatake, JG; Diwan, AR
2019-08-01The genetic basis of toxin biosynthesis in dinoflagellatesVerma, A; Barua, A; Ruvindy, R; Savela, H; Ajani, PA; Murray, SA
2018-09-01Evaluation of chemical strategies for improving the stability and oral toxicity of insecticidal peptidesHerzig, V; de Araujo, AD; Greenwood, KP; Chin, YKY; Windley, MJ; Chong, Y; Muttenthaler, M; Mobli, M; Audsley, N; Nicholson, GM; Alewood, PF; King, GF
2015-01-01Breaking the measurement and evaluation deadlock: a new approach and modelMacnamara, J
2016-08-01The number, organization, and size of polymorphic membrane protein coding sequences as well as the most conserved Pmp protein differ within and across chlamydia speciesVan Lent, S; Creasy, HH; Myers, GSA; Vanrompay, D
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