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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01-01Erratum: A decadal decline in relative abundance and a shift in microphytoplankton composition at a long-term coastal station off southeast AustraliaAjani, PA; Allen, AP; Ingleton, T; Armand, L
2018-11-15The microbiome of the cosmopolitan diatom leptocylindrus reveals significant spatial and temporal variabilityAjani, PA; Kahlke, T; Siboni, N; Carney, R; Murray, SA; Seymour, JR
2018-08-27Microalgal Community Composition Assessment in Warringah Lagoons 2017-2018. A report to Warringah Council, August 2018.Ruvindy, R; Ajani, PA; Murray, S
2019-01-01Impact of fluorescence on Raman remote sensing of temperature in natural water samplesDe Lima Ribeiro, A; Artlett, C; Ajani, PA; Derkenne, C; Pask, H
2015-04-15Photo Credit, corrected after print 16 April 2015. Editorial 'Ocean wanderers' the image did not show marine phytoplankton.Ajani, PA
2016-06-30A Review of Toxic Algal Species towards Improving Management of Toxic Blooms in New South WalesAjani, PA; Murray, S
2017-01-15Long-term perspective on the relationship between phytoplankton and nutrient concentrations in a southeastern Australian estuaryLarsson, ME; Ajani, PA; Rubio, AM; Guise, K; McPherson, RG; Brett, SJ; Davies, KP; Doblin, MA
2018-04-01A new diatom species P. Hallegraeffii sp. Nov. Belonging to the toxic genus Pseudo-nitzschia (Bacillariophyceae) from the East Australian CurrentAjani, PA; Verma, A; Lassudrie, M; Doblin, MA; Murray, SA
2018-05-28Hitchhiking in the East Australian Current: rafting as a dispersal mechanism for harmful epibenthic dinoflagellatesLarsson, ME; Laczka, OF; Suthers, IM; Ajani, PA; Doblin, MA
2016-10-01Diversity, temporal distribution and physiology of the centric diatom Leptocylindrus Cleve (Bacillariophyta) from a southern hemisphere upwelling systemAjani, PA; Armbrecht, LH; Kersten, O; Kohli, GS; Murray, SA
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