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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-11-07The effect of packaging of chlorophyll within phytoplankton and light scattering in a coupled physical-biological ocean modelBaird, ME; Timko, PG; Wu, L
2011-03-01Modelling coastal connectivity in a Western Boundary Current: Seasonal and inter-annual variabilityRoughan, M; Macdonald, HS; Baird, ME; Glasby, TM
2001-10-02Modelling the interacting effects of nutrient uptake, light capture and temperature on phytoplankton growthBaird, ME; Emsley, SM; Mcglade, JM
2011-11-01Parameter optimisation of a marine ecosystem model at two contrasting stations in the Sub-Antarctic ZoneKidston, M; Matear, R; Baird, ME
2011-03-01Analysis of southeast Australian zooplankton observations of 1938-42 using synoptic oceanographic conditionsBaird, ME; Everett, JD; Suthers, IM
1997-01-01Measurement and prediction of mass transfer to experimental coral reef communitiesBaird, ME; Atkinson, MJ
2004-10-01A plankton population model with biomechanical descriptions of biological processes in an idealised 2D ocean basinBaird, ME; Oke, PR; Suthers, IM; Middleton, JH
2012-08-28An avenue of eddies: Quantifying the biophysical properties of mesoscale eddies in the Tasman SeaEverett, JD; Baird, ME; Oke, PR; Suthers, IM
2014-01-01Modeling photoinhibition-driven bleaching in Scleractinian coral as a function of light, temperature, and heterotrophyGustafsson, MSM; Baird, ME; Ralph, PJ
1999-01-01Towards a mechanistic model of plankton population dynamicsBaird, ME; Emsley, SM
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