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2009-08-30Combining scintillometer measurements and an aggregation scheme to estimate area-averaged latent heat flux during the AMMA experimentEzzahar, J; Chehbouni, A; Hoedjes, J; Ramier, D; Boulain, N; Boubkraoui, S; Cappelaere, B; Descroix, L; Mougenot, B; Timouk, F
2009-08-30Towards an understanding of coupled physical and biological processes in the cultivated Sahel - 1. Energy and waterRamier, D; Boulain, N; Cappelaere, B; Timouk, F; Rabanit, M; Lloyd, CR; Boubkraoui, S; Métayer, F; Descroix, L; Wawrzyniak, V
2012-03-06Experimental evidence of deep infiltration under sandy flats and gullies in the SahelDescroix, L; Laurent, JP; Vauclin, M; Amogu, O; Boubkraoui, S; Ibrahim, B; Galle, S; Cappelaere, B; Bousquet, S; Mamadou, I; Le Breton, E; Lebel, T; Quantin, G; Ramier, D; Boulain, N
2009-09-01SEtHyS_Savannah: A multiple source land surface model applied to Sahelian landscapesSaux-Picart, S; Ottlé, C; Perrier, A; Decharme, B; Coudert, B; Zribi, M; Boulain, N; Cappelaere, B; Ramier, D
2012-05-01Is water availability really the main environmental factor controlling the phenology of woody vegetation in the central Sahel?Seghieri, J; Carreau, J; Boulain, N; de Rosnay, P; Arjounin, M; Timouk, F
2012-01-01Spatio-temporal surface soil heat flux estimates from satellite data; results for the AMMA experiment at the Fakara (Niger) supersiteVerhoef, A; Ottlé, C; Cappelaere, B; Murray, T; Saux-Picart, S; Zribi, M; Maignan, F; Boulain, N; Demarty, J; Ramier, D
2009-01-01Precipitation as driver of carbon fluxes in 11 African ecosystemsMerbold, L; Ardö, J; Arneth, A; Scholes, RJ; Nouvellon, Y; De Grandcourt, A; Archibald, S; Bonnefond, JM; Boulain, N; Brueggemann, N; Bruemmer, C; Cappelaere, B; Ceschia, E; El-Khidir, HAM; El-Tahir, BA; Falk, U; Lloyd, J; Kergoat, L; Le Dantec, V; Mougin, E; Muchinda, M; Mukelabai, MM; Ramier, D; Roupsard, O; Timouk, F; Veenendaal, EM; Kutsch, WL
2007-05-10Changing scale in ecological modelling: A bottom up approach with an individual based vegetation modelBoulain, N; Simioni, G; Gignoux, J
2009-08-30Water and energy budgets simulation over the AMMA-Niger super-site spatially constrained with remote sensing dataSaux-Picart, S; Ottlé, C; Decharme, B; André, C; Zribi, M; Perrier, A; Coudert, B; Boulain, N; Cappelaere, B; Descroix, L; Ramier, D
2006-09-01Hydrologic and land use impacts on vegetation growth and NPP at the watershed scale in a semi-arid environmentBoulain, N; Cappelaere, B; Séguis, L; Gignoux, J; Peugeot, C
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