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2002-12The use of Tris-lipidation to modify drug cytotoxicity in multidrug resistant cells expressing P-glycoprotein or MRP1.Davey, RA; Davey, MW; Cullen, KV; Wells, XE; Francis, CL; Williams, H-M; Yang, Q; Moghaddam, MJ; Widmer, F; Whittaker, RG
2012-12-21The role of several ABC transporter genes in ivermectin resistance in Caenorhabditis elegansYan, R; Urdaneta-Marquez, L; Keller, K; James, CE; Davey, MW; Prichard, RK
2004-05Changes in gene expression associated with stable drug and radiation resistance in small cell lung cancer cells are similar to those caused by a single X-ray dose.Henness, S; Davey, MW; Harvie, RM; Banyer, J; Wasinger, V; Corthals, G; Davey, RA
2006-08Oxaliplatin induces drug resistance more rapidly than cisplatin in H69 small cell lung cancer cells.Stordal, BK; Davey, MW; Davey, RA
2007-09A rapid colorimetric assay for the quantitation of the viability of free-living larvae of nematodes in vitroJames, CE; Davey, MW
2001-01Drug resistance does not correlate with resistance to Fas-mediated apoptosis.Cullen, KV; Davey, RA; Davey, MW
2002-01Fractionated irradiation of H69 small cell lung cancer cells causes stable radiation and drug resistance with increased MRP1, MRP2 and topoisomerase Iia expressionHenness, S; Davey, MW; Harvie, RM; Davey, RA
2004-01Cellular models of drug- and radiation-resistant small cell lung cancerDavey, RA; Locke, VL; Henness, S; Harvie, RM; Davey, MW
2009-01-15Increased expression of ABC transport proteins is associated with ivermectin resistance in the model nematode Caenorhabditis elegansJames, CE; Davey, MW
2006-01Oxaliplatin induces drug resistance more rapidly than cisplatin in H69 small cell lung cancer cellsStordal, B; Davey, MW; Davey, RA
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