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1-Sep-2004Food web pathway determines how selenium affects aquatic ecosystems: A San francisco Bay case studyStewart, AR; Luoma, SN; Schlekat, CE; Doblin, MA; Hieb, KA
1-Jan-2004Light dependence of selenium uptake by phytoplankton and implications for predicting selenium incorporation into food websBaines, SB; Fisher, NS; Doblin, MA; Cutter, GA; Cutter, LS; Cole, B
31-Mar-1999Growth and biomass stimulation of the toxic dinoflagellate Gymnodinium catenatum (Graham) by dissolved organic substancesDoblin, MA; Blackburn, SI; Hallegraeff, GM
1-Mar-2000Intraspecific variation in the selenium requirement of different geographic strains of the toxic dinoflagellate Gymnodinium catenatumDoblin, MA; Blackburn, SI; Hallegraeff, GM
1-Nov-2005Potential invasion of microorganisms and pathogens via 'interior hull fouling': Biofilms inside ballast water tanksDrake, LA; Meyer, AE; Forsberg, RL; Baier, RE; Doblin, MA; Heinemann, S; Johnson, WP; Koch, M; Rublee, PA; Dobbs, FC
6-Sep-2005Evaluating vertical migration behavior of harmful raphidophytes in the Delaware Inland Bays utilizing quantitative real-time PCRHandy, SM; Coyne, KJ; Portune, KJ; Demir, E; Doblin, MA; Hare, CE; Cary, SC; Hutchins, DA
1-Sep-2005Improved quantitative real-time PCR assays for enumeration of harmful algal species in field samples using an exogenous DNA reference standardCoyne, KJ; Handy, SM; Demir, E; Whereat, EB; Hutchins, DA; Portune, KJ; Doblin, MA; Cary Craig, S
1-Dec-2006Vertical migration of the toxic dinoflagellate Gymnodinium catenatum under different concentrations of nutrients and humic substances in cultureDoblin, MA; Thompson, PA; Revill, AT; Butler, ECV; Blackburn, SI; Hallegraeff, GM
1-Aug-2007Dynamics and short-term survival of toxic cyanobacteria species in ballast water from NOBOB vessels transiting the Great Lakes-implications for HAB invasionsDoblin, MA; Coyne, KJ; Rinta-Kanto, JM; Wilhelm, SW; Dobbs, FC
13-Apr-2007Potential microbial bioinvasions via ships' ballast water, sediment, and biofilmDrake, LA; Doblin, MA; Dobbs, FC
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