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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2006Setting a size-exclusion limit to remove toxic dinoflagellate cysts from ships' ballast waterDoblin, MA; Dobbs, FC
1-May-2006Sources and biogeochemical cycling of particulate selenium in the San Francisco Bay estuaryDoblin, MA; Baines, SB; Cutter, LS; Cutter, GA
1-Aug-2007Dynamics and short-term survival of toxic cyanobacteria species in ballast water from NOBOB vessels transiting the Great Lakes-implications for HAB invasionsDoblin, MA; Coyne, KJ; Rinta-Kanto, JM; Wilhelm, SW; Dobbs, FC
3-Jun-2010Thresholds for tracing ships' ballast water: An Australian case studyDoblin, MA; Murphy, KR; Ruiz, GM
1-Mar-2011Contrasting oceanographic conditions and phytoplankton communities on the east and west coasts of AustraliaThompson, PA; Bonham, P; Waite, AM; Clementson, LA; Cherukuru, N; Hassler, C; Doblin, MA
1-Feb-2012Global toxicology, ecophysiology and population relationships of the chainforming PST dinoflagellate Gymnodinium catenatumHallegraeff, GM; Blackburn, SI; Doblin, MA; Bolch, CJS
1-Jan-2014Demography and interannual variability of salp swarms (Thalia democratica)Henschke, N; Everett, JD; Doblin, MA; Pitt, KA; Richardson, AJ; Suthers, IM
30-Sep-2013Polychaete Richness and Abundance Enhanced in Anthropogenically Modified Estuaries Despite High Concentrations of Toxic ContaminantsDafforn, KA; Kelaher, BP; Simpson, SL; Coleman, MA; Hutchings, PA; Clark, GF; Knott, NA; Doblin, MA; Johnston, EL
1-Jan-2016Key drivers of seasonal plankton dynamics in cyclonic and anticyclonic eddies off East AustraliaLaiolo, L; McInnes, AS; Matear, R; Doblin, MA
17-May-2016Drift in ocean currents impacts intergenerational microbial exposure to temperatureDoblin, MA; Van Sebille, E
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