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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2009An evaluation of iron bioavailability and speciation in western lake superior with the use of combined physical, chemical, and biological assessmentHassler, CS; Havens, SM; Bullerjahn, GS; McKay, ML; Twissa, MR
1-Jul-2009Discriminating between intra- and extracellular metals using chemical extractions: an update on the case of ironHassler, CS; Schoemann, V
1-Feb-2017Toward a regional classification to provide a more inclusive examination of the ocean biogeochemistry of iron-binding ligandsHassler, CS; van den Berg, CMG; Boyd, PW
31-Aug-2017Iron sources alter the response of Southern Ocean phytoplankton to ocean acidificationTrimborn, S; Brenneis, T; Hoppe, CJM; Laglera, LM; Norman, L; Santos-Echeandía, J; Völkner, C; Wolf-Gladrow, D; Hassler, CS
2-Aug-2017Long-term acclimation to iron limitation reveals new insights in metabolism regulation of Synechococcus sp. PCC7002Blanco-Ameijeiras, S; Cosio, C; Hassler, CS
10-Jan-2017First evaluation of the role of salp fecal pellets on iron biogeochemistryCabanes, DJE; Norman, L; Santos-Echeandía, J; Iversen, MH; Trimborn, S; Laglera, LM; Hassler, CS
1-Nov-2006Bioavailability of trace metals to aquatic microorganisms: importance of chemical, biological and physical processes on biouptakeWorms, I; Simon, DF; Hassler, CS; Wilkinson, KJ
18-Jan-2011Saccharides enhance iron bioavailability to southern ocean phytoplanktonHassler, CS; Schoemann, V; Nichols, CM; Butler, ECV; Boyd, PW
1-Mar-2011Characterisation of water masses and phytoplankton nutrient limitation in the East Australian Current separation zone during spring 2008Hassler, CS; Djajadikarta, JR; Doblin, MA; Everett, JD; Thompson, PA
1-Jan-2014Primary productivity induced by iron and nitrogen in the Tasman Sea: An overview of the PINTS expeditionHassler, CS; Ridgway, KR; Bowie, AR; Butler, ECV; Clementson, LA; Doblin, MA; Davies, DM; Law, C; Ralph, PJ; Van Der Merwe, P; Watson, R; Ellwood, MJ
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