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2022-05-28A Smart Camera Trap for Detection of Endotherms and Ectotherms.Corva, DM; Semianiw, NI; Eichholtzer, AC; Adams, SD; Mahmud, MAP; Gaur, K; Pestell, AJL; Driscoll, DA; Kouzani, AZ
2022-01-06Design of a Highly Efficient Wideband Multi-Frequency Ambient RF Energy Harvester.Roy, S; Tiang, J-J; Roslee, MB; Ahmed, MT; Kouzani, AZ; Mahmud, MAP
2022-02-02Automatic Target Detection from Satellite Imagery Using Machine Learning.Tahir, A; Munawar, HS; Akram, J; Adil, M; Ali, S; Kouzani, AZ; Mahmud, MAP
2022-01-30Using Adaptive Sensors for Optimised Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks.Akram, J; Munawar, HS; Kouzani, AZ; Mahmud, MAP
2022-12-01Thermally degraded speed estimation of traction machine drive in electric vehicleAli, SMN; Hossain, MJ; Wang, D; Mahmud, MAP; Sharma, V; Kashif, M; Kouzani, AZ
2022-03-01Advanced Design, Fabrication, and Applications of 3D-Printable Piezoelectric NanogeneratorsMahmud, MAP; Adhikary, P; Zolfagharian, A; Adams, S; Kaynak, A; Kouzani, AZ
2022-11-01FitNN: A Low-Resource FPGA-Based CNN Accelerator for DronesZhang, Z; Mahmud, MAP; Kouzani, AZ
2022-05-19Advancements in Algorithms and Neuromorphic Hardware for Spiking Neural Networks.Javanshir, A; Nguyen, TT; Mahmud, MAP; Kouzani, AZ
2022-01-01Recent Advances in Contactless Sensing Technologies for Mental Health MonitoringNouman, M; Khoo, SY; Mahmud, MAP; Kouzani, AZ
2022-02-01Correction to: Strain Dependent Performance Analysis of InGaN Multi‑junction Solar Cell (Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Materials, (2021), 22, 6, (833-842), 10.1007/s42341-021-00305-4)Rahman, MA; Islam, MJ; Islam, MR; Mahmud, MAP
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