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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04-01Predictors of Nighttime Fears and Sleep Problems in Young ChildrenEl Rafihi-Ferreira, R; Lewis, KM; McFayden, T; Ollendick, TH
2019-03-15Evaluation of the Reliability and Validity of the Social Anxiety Questionnaire for Children in Adolescents with Social Anxiety DisorderOllendick, TH; Ryan, SM; Capriola-Hall, NN; Salazar, IC; Caballo, VE
2019-06-01Anxiety moderates the influence of ASD severity on quality of life in adults with ASDSmith, IC; Ollendick, TH; White, SW
2019-06-15Evaluating the real-world effectiveness of a cognitive behavior therapy-based transdiagnostic program for emotional problems in children in a regular school settingEssau, CA; Sasagawa, S; Jones, G; Fernandes, B; Ollendick, TH
2020-02Sleep, Internalizing Problems, and Social Withdrawal: Unique Associations in Clinic-Referred Youth With Elevated Sluggish Cognitive Tempo Symptoms.Rondon, AT; Hilton, DC; Jarrett, MA; Ollendick, TH
2020-05The Parent-Child Relationship and Posttreatment Child Outcomes Across Two Treatments for Oppositional Defiant Disorder.Booker, JA; Capriola-Hall, NN; Greene, RW; Ollendick, TH
2020Gaze as an Indicator of Selective Attention in Adolescents with Social Anxiety DisorderCapriola-Hall, NN; Ollendick, TH; White, SW
2021-03-01Caregiver perspectives on interventions for behavior challenges in autistic childrenTschida, JE; Maddox, BB; Bertollo, JR; Kuschner, ES; Miller, JS; Ollendick, TH; Greene, RW; Yerys, BE
2019-05-07One-Session Treatment of Specific Phobias in Children: Recent Developments and a Systematic Review.Davis, TE; Ollendick, TH; Öst, L-G
2016-07Characteristics of Children With ADHD and Comorbid Anxiety.Jarrett, MA; Wolff, JC; Davis, TE; Cowart, MJ; Ollendick, TH
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