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2019-01Zostera virus T - a novel virus of the genus Tepovirus identified in the eelgrass, Zostera muelleri.Goh, CJ; Park, D; Lee, JS; Davey, PA; Pernice, M; Ralph, PJ; Hahn, Y
2020-01Stress Memory in Seagrasses: First Insight Into the Effects of Thermal Priming and the Role of Epigenetic Modifications.Nguyen, HM; Kim, M; Ralph, PJ; Marín-Guirao, L; Pernice, M; Procaccini, G
2020-06-01The unique sterol biosynthesis pathway of three model diatoms consists of a conserved core and diversified endpointsJaramillo-Madrid, AC; Ashworth, J; Fabris, M; Ralph, PJ
2020-10-08Trade-offs between effluent quality and ammonia volatilisation with CO2 augmented microalgal treatment of anaerobically digested food-waste centrate.Sutherland, DL; Burke, J; Ralph, PJ
2020-09-25CSIRO Environmental Modelling Suite (EMS): scientific description of the optical and biogeochemical models (vB3p0)Baird, ME; Wild-Allen, KA; Parslow, J; Mongin, M; Robson, B; Skerratt, J; Rizwi, F; Soja-Wozniak, M; Jones, E; Herzfeld, M; Margvelashvili, N; Andrewartha, J; Langlais, C; Adams, MP; Cherukuru, N; Gustafsson, M; Hadley, S; Ralph, PJ; Rosebrock, U; Schroeder, T; Laiolo, L; Harrison, D; Steven, ADL
2020-10-01Effects of nutrient load on microalgal productivity and community composition grown in anaerobically digested food-waste centrateSutherland, DL; Burke, J; Leal, E; Ralph, PJ
2020-01-01Flow-way water depth affects algal productivity and nutrient uptake in a filamentous algae nutrient scrubberSutherland, DL; Burke, J; Ralph, PJ
2020-12-01The Phenobottle, an open-source photobioreactor platform for environmental simulationBates, H; Zavafer, A; Szabó, M; Ralph, PJ
2020-05-01Improved microalgal productivity and nutrient removal through operating wastewater high rate algal ponds in seriesSutherland, DL; Park, J; Ralph, PJ; Craggs, RJ
2020-02-01Levels of diatom minor sterols respond to changes in temperature and salinityJaramillo-Madrid, AC; Ashworth, J; Ralph, PJ
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