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1-Jan-2014The future of the northeast Atlantic benthic flora in a high CO<inf>2</inf> worldBrodie, J; Williamson, CJ; Smale, DA; Kamenos, NA; Mieszkowska, N; Santos, R; Cunliffe, M; Steinke, M; Yesson, C; Anderson, KM; Asnaghi, V; Brownlee, C; Burdett, HL; Burrows, MT; Collins, S; Donohue, PJC; Harvey, B; Foggo, A; Noisette, F; Nunes, J; Ragazzola, F; Raven, JA; Schmidt, DN; Suggett, D; Teichberg, M; Hall-Spencer, JM
1-Jan-2015Photosynthesis in reproductive structures: Costs and benefitsRaven, JA; Griffiths, H
28-May-2013The mixotrophic nature of photosynthetic plantsSchmidt, S; Raven, JA; Paungfoo-Lonhienne, C
1-May-2013Iron acquisition and allocation in stramenopile algaeRaven, JA
1-Oct-2011Impact of taxonomy, geography, and depth on δ<sup>13</sup>C and δ<sup>15</sup>N Variation in a large collection of macroalgaeMarconi, M; Giordano, M; Raven, JA
1-Jul-2012Opportunities for improving phosphorus-use efficiency in crop plantsVeneklaas, EJ; Lambers, H; Bragg, J; Finnegan, PM; Lovelock, CE; Plaxton, WC; Price, CA; Scheible, WR; Shane, MW; White, PJ; Raven, JA
1-Jul-2012Changes in pH at the exterior surface of plankton with ocean acidificationFlynn, KJ; Blackford, JC; Baird, ME; Raven, JA; Clark, DR; Beardall, J; Brownlee, C; Fabian, H; Wheeler, GL
1-Aug-2014Nitrogen and sulfur assimilation in plants and algaeGiordano, M; Raven, JA
1-Jan-2014Enhanced biofuel production using optimality, pathway modification and waste minimizationRaven, JA; Ralph, PJ
1-Jan-2014Active water transport in unicellular algae: Where, why, and howRaven, JA; Doblin, MA
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