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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Improving the undergraduate science experience through an evidence-based framework for design, implementation and evaluation of flipped learningDavila, YC; Huber, E; Reyna, J; Meier, P
2012-01-01NPC: An online model to improve prescribing skills of health care professional students in AustraliaReyna, J; Khanal, S
2013-01-01Using online learning modules to fight against antibiotic resistance in AustraliaReyna, J; Khanal, S; Morgan, T
2017-11-01A taxonomy of digital media types for Learner-Generated Digital Media assignmentsReyna, J; Hanham, J; Meier, P
2019-01-01A Systematic Approach to Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Learner-Generated Digital Media (LGDM) Assignments and Its Effect on Self-regulation in Tertiary Science EducationReyna, J; Hanham, J; Vlachopoulos, P; Meier, P
2019-01-01Using factor analysis to validate a questionnaire to explore self-regulation in learner-generated digital media (LGDM) assignments in science educationReyna, J; Hanham, J; Vlachopoulos, P; Meier, P
2018-12-01Learner-generated digital media (LGDM) as an assessment tool in tertiary science education: A review of literatureReyna, J; Meier, P
2011-12-01Digital teaching and learning ecosystem (DTLE): A theoretical approach for online learning environmentsReyna, J
2018-07-01A framework for digital media literacies for teaching and learning in higher educationReyna, J; Hanham, J; Meier, PC
2018-01-01The Internet explosion, digital media principles and implications to communicate effectively in the digital spaceReyna, J; Hanham, J; Meier, P
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