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2006-05Identification of bla(CMY-7) and associated plasmid-mediated resistance genes in multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli isolated from dogs at a veterinary teaching hospital in Australia.Sidjabat, HE; Townsend, KM; Hanson, ND; Bell, JM; Stokes, HW; Gobius, KS; Moss, SM; Trott, DJ
1990-01The structure of a partial duplication in the integron of plasmid pDGO100.Hall, RM; Stokes, HW
2013-05-01Mobilized integrons: Team players in the spread of antibiotic resistance genesMartinez, E; Djordjevic, S; Stokes, HW; Chowdhury, PR
2014-02-01Novel integrons and gene cassettes from a Cascadian submarine gas-hydrate-bearing coreElsaied, H; Stokes, HW; Yoshioka, H; Mitani, Y; Maruyama, A
2003-04-01Survival of a lacZY-marked strain of Pseudomonas corrugata following a field release.Choi, HY; Ryder, MH; Gillings, MR; Stokes, HW; Ophel-Keller, KM; Veal, DA
1995-03New mobile gene cassettes containing an aminoglycoside resistance gene, aacA7, and a chloramphenicol resistance gene, catB3, in an integron in pBWH301.Bunny, KL; Hall, RM; Stokes, HW
2002-06Characterization of the class 3 integron and the site-specific recombination system it determines.Collis, CM; Kim, M-J; Partridge, SR; Stokes, HW; Hall, RM
1998-07Binding of the purified integron DNA integrase Intl1 to integron- and cassette-associated recombination sites.Collis, CM; Kim, MJ; Stokes, HW; Hall, RM
2001-04Efficiency of recombination reactions catalyzed by class 1 integron integrase IntI1.Collis, CM; Recchia, GD; Kim, MJ; Stokes, HW; Hall, RM
1989-12A novel family of potentially mobile DNA elements encoding site-specific gene-integration functions: integrons.Stokes, HW; Hall, RM
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