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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02-25The Volatilomes of Symbiodiniaceae-Associated Bacteria Are Influenced by Chemicals Derived From Their Algal PartnerLawson, CA; Seymour, JR; Possell, M; Suggett, DJ; Raina, JB
2020-06-01Corals exhibit distinct patterns of microbial reorganisation to thrive in an extreme inshore environmentCamp, EF; Suggett, DJ; Pogoreutz, C; Nitschke, MR; Houlbreque, F; Hume, BCC; Gardner, SG; Zampighi, M; Rodolfo-Metalpa, R; Voolstra, CR
2020-01Substrate stabilisation and small structures in coral restoration: State of knowledge, and considerations for management and implementation.Ceccarelli, DM; McLeod, IM; Boström-Einarsson, L; Bryan, SE; Chartrand, KM; Emslie, MJ; Gibbs, MT; Gonzalez Rivero, M; Hein, MY; Heyward, A; Kenyon, TM; Lewis, BM; Mattocks, N; Newlands, M; Schläppy, M-L; Suggett, DJ; Bay, LK
2021-01-01Modelling the impact of phytoplankton cell size and abundance on inherent optical properties (IOPs) and a remotely sensed chlorophyll-a productLaiolo, L; Matear, R; Soja-Woźniak, M; Suggett, DJ; Hughes, DJ; Baird, ME; Doblin, MA
2020-11-30Heat stress decreases the diversity, abundance and functional potential of coral gas emissions.Lawson, CA; Raina, J-B; Deschaseaux, E; Hrebien, V; Possell, M; Seymour, JR; Suggett, DJ
2021-01-11Coral growth, survivorship and return-on-effort within nurseries at high-value sites on the Great Barrier Reef.Howlett, L; Camp, EF; Edmondson, J; Henderson, N; Suggett, DJ
2021-02-04Symbiont shuffling across environmental gradients aligns with changes in carbon uptake and translocation in the reef-building coral Pocillopora acutaRos, M; Suggett, DJ; Edmondson, J; Haydon, T; Hughes, DJ; Kim, M; Guagliardo, P; Bougoure, J; Pernice, M; Raina, J-B; Camp, EF
2014-03-03Carbon cycling and phytoplankton responses within highly-replicated shipboard carbonate chemistry manipulation experiments conducted around Northwest European Shelf SeasRichier, S; Achterberg, EP; Dumousseaud, C; Poulton, AJ; Suggett, DJ; Tyrrell, T; Zubkov, MV; Moore, CM
2021-01-15Investing in Blue Natural Capital to Secure a Future for the Red Sea EcosystemsCziesielski, MJ; Duarte, CM; Aalismail, N; Al-Hafedh, Y; Anton, A; Baalkhuyur, F; Baker, AC; Balke, T; Baums, IB; Berumen, M; Chalastani, VI; Cornwell, B; Daffonchio, D; Diele, K; Farooq, E; Gattuso, J-P; He, S; Lovelock, CE; Mcleod, E; Macreadie, PI; Marba, N; Martin, C; Muniz-Barreto, M; Kadinijappali, KP; Prihartato, P; Rabaoui, L; Saderne, V; Schmidt-Roach, S; Suggett, DJ; Sweet, M; Statton, J; Teicher, S; Trevathan-Tackett, SM; Joydas, TV; Yahya, R; Aranda, M
2014-02-18Coccolithophores on the north-west European shelf: calcification rates and environmental controlsPoulton, AJ; Stinchcombe, MC; Achterberg, EP; Bakker, DCE; Dumousseaud, C; Lawson, HE; Lee, GA; Richier, S; Suggett, DJ; Young, JR
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