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2020-03-17Emerging Technologies in Algal Biotechnology: Toward the Establishment of a Sustainable, Algae-Based BioeconomyFabris, M; Abbriano, RM; Pernice, M; Sutherland, DL; Commault, AS; Hall, CC; Labeeuw, L; McCauley, JI; Kuzhiuparambil, U; Ray, P; Kahlke, T; Ralph, PJ
2019-11-01Microalgal bioremediation of emerging contaminants - Opportunities and challengesSutherland, DL; Ralph, PJ
2020-10-01Increased harvest frequency improves biomass yields and nutrient removal on a filamentous algae nutrient scrubberSutherland, DL; Burke, J; Ralph, PJ
2021-10-29Phenoplate: An innovative method for assessing interacting effects of temperature and light on non-photochemical quenching in microalgae under chemical stress.Herdean, A; Sutherland, DL; Ralph, PJ
2022-07-01Dissolved organic phosphorus bioremediation from food-waste centrate using microalgae.Sutherland, DL; Bramucci, A
2021-10-01Ammonia, pH and dissolved inorganic carbon supply drive whole pond metabolism in full-scale wastewater high rate algal pondsSutherland, DL; Park, J; Ralph, PJ; Craggs, R
2020-01-01Size matters – Microalgae production and nutrient removal in wastewater treatment high rate algal ponds of three different sizesSutherland, DL; Park, J; Heubeck, S; Ralph, PJ; Craggs, RJ
2021-11-25High-throughput screening for heterotrophic growth in microalgae using the Biolog Plate assay.Sutherland, DL; Burke, J; Ralph, PJ
2021-10-01Productivity and community response along an ammonia gradient in cultured wild marine microalgae, using wastewater-derived nutrients for cost-effective feedstock productionSutherland, DL; Ralph, PJ
2021-12-01Shortening hydraulic retention time through effluent recycling: impacts on wastewater treatment and biomass production in microalgal treatment systemsSutherland, DL; Ralph, PJ
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