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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-12-17Long-term changes in temperate Australian coastal waters: Implications for phytoplanktonThompson, PA; Baird, ME; Ingleton, T; Doblin, MA
2011-12-19Review of fluorescent standards for calibration of in situ fluorometers: Recommendations applied in coastal and ocean observing programsEarp, A; Hanson, CE; Ralph, PJ; Brando, VE; Allen, S; Baird, M; Clementson, L; Daniel, P; Dekker, AG; Fearns, PRCS; Parslow, J; Strutton, PG; Thompson, PA; Underwood, M; Weeks, S; Doblin, MA
2016-01-01Reduction of the powerful greenhouse gas N<inf>2</inf>O in the south-eastern Indian oceanRaes, EJ; Bodrossy, L; Van De Kamp, J; Holmes, B; Hardman-Mountford, N; Thompson, PA; McInnes, AS; Waite, AM
2006-12-01Vertical migration of the toxic dinoflagellate Gymnodinium catenatum under different concentrations of nutrients and humic substances in cultureDoblin, MA; Thompson, PA; Revill, AT; Butler, ECV; Blackburn, SI; Hallegraeff, GM
2014-12-03Changes in latitude and dominant diazotrophic community alter N<inf>2</inf> fixationRaes, EJ; Waite, AM; McInnes, AS; Olsen, H; Nguyen, HM; Hardman-Mountford, N; Thompson, PA
2014-01-01Climate variability drives plankton community composition changes: The 2010-2011 El Niño to la Niña transition around AustraliaThompson, PA; Bonham, P; Thomson, P; Rochester, W; Doblin, MA; Waite, AM; Richardson, A; Rousseaux, CS
2011-03-01The strengthening East Australian Current, its eddies and biological effects - an introduction and overviewSuthers, IM; Young, JW; Baird, ME; Roughan, M; Everett, JD; Brassington, GB; Byrne, M; Condie, SA; Hartog, JR; Hassler, CS; Hobday, AJ; Holbrook, NJ; Malcolm, HA; Oke, PR; Thompson, PA; Ridgway, K
2011-03-01Characterisation of water masses and phytoplankton nutrient limitation in the East Australian Current separation zone during spring 2008Hassler, CS; Djajadikarta, JR; Doblin, MA; Everett, JD; Thompson, PA
2011-03-01Contrasting oceanographic conditions and phytoplankton communities on the east and west coasts of AustraliaThompson, PA; Bonham, P; Waite, AM; Clementson, LA; Cherukuru, N; Hassler, C; Doblin, MA
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