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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017Theory of adjustment following severe neurological injury: Evidence supporting the spinal cord injury adjustment modelCraig, A; Tran, Y; Middleton, J
1-Mar-2004The epidemiology of stuttering: The need for reliable estimates of prevalence and anxiety levels over the lifespanCraig, A; Tran, Y
1-Jun-2008The role of massage therapy in managing secondary conditions associated with spinal cord injury: An integrative modelLovas, J; Craig, A; Tran, Y; Middleton, J
1-Jan-2006Fear of speaking: Chronic anxiety and stammeringCraig, A; Tran, Y
1-Dec-2008Improved EEG based input concept for hands free control of assistive devices for persons with severe disabilityTran, Y; Craig, A; Thuraisingham, R; Boord, P; Wijesuriya, N
1-Jan-2011Psychophysiological characteristics of driver fatigueCraig, A; Tran, Y; Wijesuriya, N
25-Sep-2007Using fractal analysis to improve switching rates in "hands free" environmental control technology for the severely disabledTran, Y; Thuraisingham, RA; Boord, P; Nguyen, HT; Craig, A
1-Jan-2009Psychological and neural correlates of emotional intelligence in a large sample of adult males and femalesCraig, A; Tran, Y; Hermens, G; Williams, LM; Kemp, A; Morris, C; Gordon, E
19-Jan-2001Extraversion-introversion and 8-13 Hz waves in frontal cortical regionsTran, Y; Craig, A; McIsaac, P
4-Nov-2015Classification of driver fatigue in an electroencephalography-based countermeasure system with source separation moduleChai, R; Naik, GR; Tran, Y; Ling, SH; Craig, A; Nguyen, HT
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