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2019-09Decline in Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction Following Anthracyclines Predicts Trastuzumab Cardiotoxicity.Goel, S; Liu, J; Guo, H; Barry, W; Bell, R; Murray, B; Lynch, J; Bastick, P; Chantrill, L; Kiely, BE; Abdi, E; Rutovitz, J; Asghari, R; Sullivan, A; Harrison, M; Kohonen-Corish, M; Beith, J
2019-08-31Immunological Basis of Oxidative Stress-Induced Lung Inflammation in Asthma and COPDSethi, G; Dharwal, V; Amarjit Singh, N
2019-01-01The effect of titanium alloy and stainless steel implants on immunological responses by analysis of NF-κB/ p65, NF-κB1/p50 profiles and the tregsAkyol, S; Hanci, M; Ben-Nissan, B
2020-08-20Circulating histone signature of human lean metabolic-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD).Buzova, D; Maugeri, A; Liguori, A; Napodano, C; Lo Re, O; Oben, J; Alisi, A; Gasbarrini, A; Grieco, A; Cerveny, J; Miele, L; Vinciguerra, M
2020-05Two mechanisms of momentum transfer in granular flows.Macaulay, M; Rognon, P
2020-12-01Measurement and evaluation for effectiveness and impactMacnamara, J; Tench, R; Waddington, S
2002-01Can we call behaviours addictive?Lemon, J
2020-01Evolution, Microbes, and Changing Ocean Conditions.Collins, S; Boyd, PW; Doblin, MA; Carlson, CA; Giovannoni, SJ
2020-02-15Evaluating the effect of Pr-doping on the performance of strontium-doped lanthanum ferrite cathodes for protonic SOFCsMa, J; Tao, Z; Kou, H; Fronzi, M; Bi, L
2020-04Gallic acid protects against the COPD-linked lung inflammation and emphysema in mice.Singla, E; Dharwal, V; Naura, AS
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