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-Mycorrhizal effector PaMiSSP10b alters polyamine biosynthesis in Eucalyptus root cells and promotes root colonizationPlett, JM; Plett, KL; Wong‐Bajracharya, J; de Freitas Pereira, M; Dutra Costa, M; Kohler, A; Martin, F; Anderson, IC
2021-03Tutorial: assessing metagenomics software with the CAMI benchmarking toolkit.Meyer, F; Lesker, T-R; Koslicki, D; Fritz, A; Gurevich, A; Darling, AE; Sczyrba, A; Bremges, A; McHardy, AC
2020-01-13Heritable nanosilver resistance in priority pathogen: a unique genetic adaptation and comparison with ionic silver and antibiotics.Valentin, E; Bottomley, AL; Chilambi, GS; Harry, EJ; Amal, R; Sotiriou, GA; Rice, SA; Gunawan, C
2021-02Thioether-linked dihydropyrrol-2-one analogues as PqsR antagonists against antibiotic resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa.Sabir, S; Suresh, D; Subramoni, S; Das, T; Bhadbhade, M; Black, DS; Rice, SA; Kumar, N
2020-01Multicenter Evaluation of Circulating Cell-Free DNA Extraction and Downstream Analyses for the Development of Standardized (Pre)analytical Work Flows.Lampignano, R; Neumann, MHD; Weber, S; Kloten, V; Herdean, A; Voss, T; Groelz, D; Babayan, A; Tibbesma, M; Schlumpberger, M; Chemi, F; Rothwell, DG; Wikman, H; Galizzi, J-P; Riise Bergheim, I; Russnes, H; Mussolin, B; Bonin, S; Voigt, C; Musa, H; Pinzani, P; Lianidou, E; Brady, G; Speicher, MR; Pantel, K; Betsou, F; Schuuring, E; Kubista, M; Ammerlaan, W; Sprenger-Haussels, M; Schlange, T; Heitzer, E
2020-10Molecular Response of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) to Heat.Anantanawat, K; Papanicolaou, A; Hill, K; Xu, W
2021-03-18Inertial Force Transmission in Dense Granular FlowsMacaulay, M; Rognon, P
2020-01-01Maternal protectiveness in feral horses: responses to intraspecific and interspecific sources of riskWatts, ET; Johnson, CN; Carver, S; Butler, C; Harvey, AM; Cameron, EZ
2020-05Risk assessment for tailings dams in Brumadinho of Brazil using InSAR time series approach.Du, Z; Ge, L; Ng, AH-M; Zhu, Q; Horgan, FG; Zhang, Q
2020-07Effect of probiotics on multi-resistant organism colonisation in persons with spinal cord injury: secondary outcome of ProSCIUTTU, a randomised placebo-controlled trial.Toh, S-L; Lee, BB; Simpson, JM; Rice, SA; Kotsiou, G; Marial, O; Ryan, S
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