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1-Feb-2012Variability in the primary site of photosynthetic damage in symbiodinium sp. (dinophyceae) exposed to thermal stressBuxton, L; Takahashi, S; Hill, R; Ralph, PJ
1-Oct-2004Acclimation of Antarctic bottom-ice algal communities to lowered salinities during meltingRyan, KG; Ralph, P; McMinn, A
1-Apr-2009Effects of moderate heat stress and dissolved inorganic carbon concentration on photosynthesis and respiration of symbiodinium sp. (dinophyceae) in culture and in symbiosisBuxton, L; Badger, M; Ralph, P
29-Apr-2004Variations in sensitivity to copper and zinc among three isolated populations of the seagrass, Zostera capricorniMacinnis-Ng, CMO; Ralph, PJ
1-Aug-2005Short-term effect of temperature on the photokinetics of microalgae from the surface layers of Antarctic pack iceRalph, PJ; McMinn, A; Ryan, KG; Ashworth, C
1-Jan-2016Organizational Listening: The Missing Essential in Public CommunicationMacnamara, JR
1-Jul-2015The work and ‘architecture of listening’: Requisites for ethical organization-public communicationMacnamara, JR
2016Socially integrating PR and operationalising an alternative approachMacnamara, JR; L'Etang, J; McKike, D; Snow, N; Xifra, J
20-Aug-2011Assessment of pH variability at a coastal CO<inf>2</inf> vent for ocean acidification studiesKerrison, P; Hall-Spencer, JM; Suggett, DJ; Hepburn, LJ; Steinke, M
22-May-2012Spatial and temporal variability of biogenic isoprene emissions from a temperate estuaryExton, DA; Suggett, DJ; Steinke, M; McGenity, TJ
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