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2020-11-01Effect of phytoplankton community size structure on remote-sensing reflectance and chlorophyll a productsSoja-Woźniak, M; Laiolo, L; Baird, ME; Matear, R; Clementson, L; Schroeder, T; Doblin, MA; Suthers, IM
2020-02-01Evaluation of Ebselen-azadioxatriangulenium as redox-sensitive fluorescent intracellular probe and as indicator within a planar redox optodeKoren, K; Gravesen Salinas, NK; Santella, M; Moßhammer, M; Müller, MC; Dmitriev, RI; Borisov, SM; Kühl, M; Laursen, BW
2020-05-01Boosting photocatalytic activities of BiVO<inf>4</inf> by creation of g-C<inf>3</inf>N<inf>4</inf>/ZnO@BiVO<inf>4</inf> HeterojunctionMohamed, NA; Safaei, J; Ismail, AF; Khalid, MN; Mohd Jailani, MFA; Noh, MFM; Arzaee, NA; Zhou, D; Sagu, JS; Teridi, MAM
2020Hidden diversity in the oomycete genus Olpidiopsis is a potential hazard to red algal cultivation and conservation worldwideBadis, Y; Klochkova, TA; Brakel, J; Arce, P; Ostrowski, M; Tringe, SG; Kim, GH; Gachon, CMM
2020-09-01Highly regular rosette-shaped cathodoluminescence in GaN self-assembled nanodisks and nanorodsZhao, B; Lockrey, MN; Wang, N; Caroff, P; Yuan, X; Li, L; Wong-Leung, J; Tan, HH; Jagadish, C
2020-09Global distribution of a chlorophyll f cyanobacterial marker.Antonaru, LA; Cardona, T; Larkum, AWD; Nürnberg, DJ
2020-01-01High Throughput Screening of Millions of van der Waals Heterostructures for Superlubricant ApplicationsFronzi, M; Tawfik, SA; Ghazaleh, MA; Isayev, O; Winkler, DA; Shapter, J; Ford, MJ
2020-01-01Analysis of OJIP transients during photoinactivation of photosystem ii indicates the presence of multiple photosensitizers in vivo and in vitroIermak, I; Szabó, M; Zavafer, A
2020-02-01Levels of diatom minor sterols respond to changes in temperature and salinityJaramillo-Madrid, AC; Ashworth, J; Ralph, PJ
2021-03Characterisation of novel regulatory sequences compatible with modular assembly in the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutumWindhagauer, M; Abbriano, RM; Ashworth, J; Barolo, L; Jaramillo-Madrid, AC; Pernice, M; Doblin, MA
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