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2017-01-01Predation by Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus significantly reduces viability and alters the microbial community composition of activated sludge flocs and granulesFeng, S; Tan, CH; Constancias, F; Kohli, GS; Cohen, Y; Rice, SA
2017-06-01Functional dissection of NEAT1 using genome editing reveals substantial localization of the NEAT1-1 isoform outside paraspecklesLi, R; Harvey, AR; Hodgetts, SI; Fox, AH
2015-12Book Review: International Public Relations and Public Diplomacy: Communication and Engagement, edited by Guy Golan, Sung-Un Yang, and Dennis KinseyMacnamara, J
2017-12-15Newly discovered seagrass beds and their potential for blue carbon in the coastal seas of Hainan Island, South China SeaJiang, Z; Liu, S; Zhang, J; Zhao, C; Wu, Y; Yu, S; Zhang, X; Huang, C; Huang, X; Kumar, M
2017-05-30Zooming in on the phycosphere: The ecological interface for phytoplankton-bacteria relationshipsSeymour, JR; Amin, SA; Raina, JB; Stocker, R
2012-12-06Environmental controls on coccolithophore calcificationRaven, JA; Crawfurd, K
2015-01-01Strigolactone signaling in root development and phosphate starvationKumar, M; Pandya-Kumar, N; Kapulnik, Y; Koltai, H
2016-07-03Organizational listening: Addressing a major gap in public relations theory and practiceMacnamara, J
2015-01-01Warm temperature acclimation impacts metabolism of paralytic shellfish toxins from Alexandrium minutum in commercial oystersFarrell, H; Seebacher, F; O'Connor, W; Zammit, A; Harwood, DT; Murray, S
2019-01-01The role of the molecular formula of ZnCl<inf>2</inf>·: N H<inf>2</inf>O on its catalyst activity: A systematic study of zinc chloride hydrates in the catalytic valorisation of cellulosic biomassBodachivskyi, I; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Williams, DBG
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