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2019-01-01The influence of contrasting microbial lifestyles on the pre-symbiotic metabolite responses of Eucalyptus grandis rootsWong JWH; Lutz A; Natera S; Wang M; Ng V; Grigoriev I; Martin F; Roessner U; Anderson IC; Plett JM
2019-06Root renovation: how an improved understanding of basic root biology could inform the development of elite crops that foster sustainable soil health.Wong JW-H; Plett JM
-The Influence of Dissolved Organic Carbon on the Microbial Community Associated with Tetraselmis striata for Bio-Diesel ProductionKim S-H; Kim JH; Baek SH; Kim J-H; Ajani PA; Park BS; Han M-S
2019-01Mesohaline conditions represent the threshold for oxidative stress, cell death and toxin release in the cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa.Ross C; Warhurst BC; Brown A; Huff C; Ochrietor JD
-First Report and Comparative Genomics Analysis of a blaOXA-244-Harboring Escherichia coli Isolate Recovered in the American ContinentAbril D; Bustos Moya IG; Marquez-Ortiz RA; Josa Montero DF; Corredor Rozo ZL; Torres Molina I; Vanegas Gómez N; Escobar-Perez J
2019-12Genome plasticity favours double chromosomal Tn4401b-blaKPC-2 transposon insertion in the Pseudomonas aeruginosa ST235 cloneAbril D; Marquez-Ortiz RA; Castro-Cardozo B; Moncayo-Ortiz JI; Olarte Escobar NM; Corredor Rozo ZL; Reyes N; Tovar C; Sánchez HF; Castellanos J; Guaca-González YM; Llanos-Uribe CE; Vanegas Gómez N; Escobar-Pérez J
2019A multi-depot location routing problem to reduce the differences between the vehicles’ traveled distances; a comparative study of heuristicsHadian H; Golmohammadi A-M; Hemmati A; Mashkani O
2019-01-31Identification and “in silico” Structural Analysis of the Glutamine-rich Protein Qrp (YheA) in Staphylococcus AureusEscobar-Perez J; Ospina-Garcia K; Rozo ZLC; Marquez-Ortiz RA; Castellanos JE; Gomez NV
2019-01-01The effect of titanium (Ti) and titanium 500 (ti 500) implantation on the activation of rat macrophage subgroupsAkyol S; Oruc Y; Ben Nissan B
2019-05-01The Elephant in the Room: Histories of Place, Memory and Conflict with Wildlife Along a Southern Indian Forest FringeOommen MA
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