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2019-01-01The influence of contrasting microbial lifestyles on the pre-symbiotic metabolite responses of Eucalyptus grandis rootsWong, JWH; Lutz, A; Natera, S; Wang, M; Ng, V; Grigoriev, I; Martin, F; Roessner, U; Anderson, IC; Plett, JM
2019-06Root renovation: how an improved understanding of basic root biology could inform the development of elite crops that foster sustainable soil health.Wong, JW-H; Plett, JM
2020-06-10Duplication and diversification of a unique chromosomal virulence island hosting the subtilase cytotoxin in Escherichia coli ST58.Wyrsch, ER; Chowdhury, PR; Jarocki, VM; Brandis, KJ; Djordjevic, SP
2020-06-10Whole-genome sequence analysis of environmental Escherichia coli from the faeces of straw-necked ibis (Threskiornis spinicollis) nesting on inland wetlands.Wyrsch, ER; Chowdhury, PR; Wallis, L; Cummins, ML; Zingali, T; Brandis, KJ; Djordjevic, SP
2020-07-20Escherichia coli ST8196 is a novel, locally evolved, and extensively drug resistant pathogenic lineage within the ST131 clonal complex.Hastak, P; Fourment, M; Darling, AE; Gottlieb, T; Cheong, E; Merlino, J; Myers, GSA; Djordjevic, SP; Chowdhury, PR
2020-05-06Genomic profiling of Escherichia coli isolates from bacteraemia patients: a 3-year cohort study of isolates collected at a Sydney teaching hospital.Hastak, P; Cummins, ML; Gottlieb, T; Cheong, E; Merlino, J; Myers, GSA; Djordjevic, SP; Roy Chowdhury, P
2020-06-14Genomic Characterisation of a Multiple Drug Resistant IncHI2 ST4 Plasmid in Escherichia coli ST744 in Australia.Zingali, T; Chapman, TA; Webster, J; Roy Chowdhury, P; Djordjevic, SP
2020-04Spo0J and SMC are required for normal chromosome segregation in Staphylococcus aureus.Chan, H; Söderström, B; Skoglund, U
2020Characterization of transboundary foot-and-mouth disease viruses in nigeria and cameroon during 2016.Ehizibolo, DO; Fish, IH; Brito, B; Bertram, MR; Ardo, AG; Ularamu, HG; Lazarus, DD; Wungak, YS; Nwosuh, CI; Smoliga, GR; Hartwig, EJ; Pauszek, SJ; Dickmu, S; Abdoulkadiri, S; Arzt, J
2020-02-12TraDIS-Xpress: a high-resolution whole-genome assay identifies novel mechanisms of triclosan action and resistance.Yasir, M; Turner, AK; Bastkowski, S; Baker, D; Page, AJ; Telatin, A; Phan, M-D; Monahan, L; Savva, GM; Darling, A; Webber, MA; Charles, IG
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