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2007-02-01Comparative analysis of the excretory-secretory proteome of the muscle larva of Trichinella pseudospiralis and Trichinella spiralisRobinson, MW; Greig, R; Beattie, KA; Lamont, DJ; Connolly, B
2008-04-01Probable prime tests for generalized mersenne numbersMelham, RS
2006-02-01Spider webs as indicators of heavy metal pollution in airXiao-li, S; Yu, P; Hose, GC; Jian, C; Feng-xiang, L
2009-12-01Challenges for professional care of advanced dementiaChang, E; Daly, J; Johnson, A; Harrison, K; Easterbrook, S; Bidewell, J; Stewart, H; Noel, M; Hancock, K
2009-08-30The AMMA-CATCH experiment in the cultivated Sahelian area of south-west Niger - Investigating water cycle response to a fluctuating climate and changing environmentCappelaere, B; Descroix, L; Lebel, T; Boulain, N; Ramier, D; Laurent, JP; Favreau, G; Boubkraoui, S; Boucher, M; Bouzou Moussa, I; Chaffard, V; Hiernaux, P; Issoufou, HBA; Le Breton, E; Mamadou, I; Nazoumou, Y; Oi, M; Ottlé, C; Quantin, G
2004-01Optimal Bayesian sampling acceptance plan with random censoringChen, J; Choy, S; Li, K
2006-02-01In vitro study of shear force on interbody implantsHitchcock, R; Sears, W; Gillies, RM; Milthorpe, B; Walsh, WR
2009-01-01Ocean acidification: A prognosis and treatment for this eclipsing issue in marine ecotoxicologyJeffree, RA
2007-10-01Genetic and phenotypic differences between isolates of Murray Valley encephalitis virus in Western Australia, 1972-2003Johansen, CA; Susai, V; Hall, RA; Mackenzie, JS; Clark, DC; May, FJ; Hemmerter, S; Smith, DW; Broom, AK
2008-01-01Assessment of microzooplankton grazing on Heterosigma akashiwo using a species- specific approach combining quantitative real-time PCR (QPCR) and dilution methodsDemir, E; Coyne, KJ; Doblin, MA; Handy, SM; Hutchins, DA
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