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2010-01Analogues of Jacobi's two-square theorem: an informal accountMelham, R
2012-12-01Colicin-like bacteriocins as novel therapeutic agents for the treatment of chronic biofilm-mediated infectionBrown, CL; Smith, K; McCaughey, L; Walker, D
2012-05-18Reliable structural interpretation of small-angle scattering data from bio-molecules in solution - The importance of quality control and a standard reporting frameworkJacques, DA; Guss, JM; Trewhella, J
2011-03-01Natural and drought scenarios in an east central Amazon forest: Fidelity of the Community Land Model 3.5 with three biogeochemical modelsSakaguchi, K; Zeng, X; Christoffersen, BJ; Restrepo-Coupe, N; Saleska, SR; Brando, PM
2013-04-01Spatially varying complexity of bacterial and viruslike particle communities within an aquifer systemRoudnew, B; Lavery, TJ; Seymour, JR; Smith, RJ; Mitchell, JG
2012-12-06Environmental controls on coccolithophore calcificationRaven, JA; Crawfurd, K
2013-10-02Salp-falls in the Tasman Sea: A major food input to deep-sea benthosHenschke, N; Bowden, DA; Everett, JD; Holmes, SP; Kloser, RJ; Lee, RW; Suthers, IM
2013-07-01The hydrocarbon-degrading marine bacterium Cobetia sp. strain MM1IDA2H-1 produces a biosurfactant that interferes with quorum sensing of fish pathogens by signal hijackingIbacache-Quiroga C; Ojeda J; Espinoza Vergara G; Olivero P; Cuellar M; Dinamarca A
2012-01Photosystem II function and dynamics in three widely used Arabidopsis thaliana accessions.Yin L; Fristedt R; Herdean A; Solymosi K; Bertrand M; Andersson MX; Mamedov F; Vener AV; Schoefs B; Spetea C
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