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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-07-14Process and reactor design for biophotolytic hydrogen productionTamburic, B; Dechatiwongse, P; Zemichael, FW; Maitland, GC; Hellgardt, K
2011-09-01How australian female adolescents prioritize pregnancy protection: A grounded theory study of contraceptive historiesSmith, JL; Skinner, SR; Fenwick, J
2013-11-01Environmental factors influencing cyanobacteria community structure in Dongping Lake, ChinaLu, X; Tian, C; Pei, H; Hu, W; Xie, J
2011-01-01Contrasted land-surface processes along the West African rainfall gradientSéguis, L; Boulain, N; Cappelaere, B; Cohard, JM; Favreau, G; Galle, S; Guyot, A; Hiernaux, P; Mougin, E; Peugeot, C; Ramier, D; Seghieri, J; Timouk, F; Demarez, V; Demarty, J; Descroix, L; Descloitres, M; Grippa, M; Guichard, F; Kamagaté, B; Kergoat, L; Lebel, T; Le Dantec, V; Le Lay, M; Massuel, S; Trichon, V
2013-06-13A dynamic model of the cellular carbon to chlorophyll ratio applied to a batch culture and a continental shelf ecosystemBaird, ME; Ralph, PJ; Rizwi, F; Wild-Allen, K; Steven, ADL
2012-05-01Protein elemental sparing and codon usage bias are correlated among bacteriaBragg, JG; Quigg, A; Raven, JA; Wagner, A
2011-03-01The effect of surface flooding on the physical-biogeochemical dynamics of a warm-core eddy off southeast AustraliaBaird, ME; Suthers, IM; Griffin, DA; Hollings, B; Pattiaratchi, C; Everett, JD; Roughan, M; Oubelkheir, K; Doblin, M
2013-10-01Ecological roles of zoosporic parasites in blue carbon ecosystemsGleason, FH; van Ogtrop, F; Lilje, O; Larkum, AWD
2011-09-01Relative importance of natural cues and substrate morphology for settlement of the New Zealand Greenshell™ mussel, Perna canaliculusGribben, PE; Jeffs, AG; de Nys, R; Steinberg, PD
2010-12-01Using virtual worlds efficiently in a post-graduate business course: Designing an exploratory studyHuber, E; Blount, Y
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