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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Socially integrating PR and operationalising an alternative approachMacnamara, JR; L'Etang, J; McKike, D; Snow, N; Xifra, J
1-Mar-2016The Continuing Convergence of Journalism and PR: New Insights for Ethical Practice from a Three-Country Study of Senior PractitionersMacnamara, J
1-Jun-2016Multiple intelligences and minds as attributes to reconfigure PR-A critical analysisMacnamara, J
27-Feb-2017Revisiting the disciplinary home of evaluation: New perspectives to inform PR evaluation standardsMacnamara, JR; Likely, F
20-Aug-2011Assessment of pH variability at a coastal CO<inf>2</inf> vent for ocean acidification studiesKerrison, P; Hall-Spencer, JM; Suggett, DJ; Hepburn, LJ; Steinke, M
22-May-2012Spatial and temporal variability of biogenic isoprene emissions from a temperate estuaryExton, DA; Suggett, DJ; Steinke, M; McGenity, TJ
23-Aug-2010Estimating Aquatic Productivity from Active Fluorescence MeasurementsSuggett, DJ; Moore, CM; Geider, RJ; Suggett, DJ; Prasil, O; Borowitzka, M
12-May-2015Coral symbiotic algae calcify ex hospite in partnership with bacteriaFrommlet, JC; Sousa, ML; Alves, A; Vieira, SI; Suggett, DJ; Serôdio, J
1-Dec-2011Super-resolution optical imaging of malaria parasitesTillev, L; McMillan, P; Dixon, M; Hanssen, E; Yeoman, J; Whitchurch, C; Klonis, N
1-Jan-2016Discovery, characterization and in vivo activity of pyocin SD2, a protein antibiotic from Pseudomonas aeruginosaMcCaughey, LC; Josts, I; Grinter, R; White, P; Byron, O; Tucker, NP; Matthews, JM; Kleanthous, C; Whitchurch, CB; Walker, D
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