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2014-01-01Optimizing the biodesulfurization of gas oil by adding surfactants to immobilized cell systemsDinamarca A; Rojas A; Baeza P; Espinoza Vergara G; Ibacache-Quiroga C; Ojeda J
2016-01The Arabidopsis Thylakoid Chloride Channel AtCLCe Functions in Chloride Homeostasis and Regulation of Photosynthetic Electron Transport.Herdean A; Nziengui H; Zsiros O; Solymosi K; Garab G; Lundin B; Spetea C
2019-06-14K+ and Cl- channels/transporters independently fine-tune photosynthesis in plants.Dukic E; Herdean A; Cheregi O; Sharma A; Nziengui H; Dmitruk D; Solymosi K; Pribil M; Spetea C
2016-05-24A voltage-dependent chloride channel fine-tunes photosynthesis in plants.Herdean A; Teardo E; Nilsson AK; Pfeil BE; Johansson ON; Ünnep R; Nagy G; Zsiros O; Dana S; Solymosi K; Garab G; Szabó I; Spetea C; Lundin B
2012-01Photosystem II function and dynamics in three widely used Arabidopsis thaliana accessions.Yin L; Fristedt R; Herdean A; Solymosi K; Bertrand M; Andersson MX; Mamedov F; Vener AV; Schoefs B; Spetea C
2018Remote Sensing of Leaf Area Index from LiDAR Height Percentile Metrics and Comparison with MODIS Product in a Selectively Logged Tropical Forest Area in Eastern AmazoniaQu Y; Shaker A; Silva CA; Klauberg C; Pinagé ER
2014-01The 21st Century Media (R)evolution: Emergent Communication PracticesMacnamara, J
2019-01-01Coralclip®: a low-cost solution for rapid and targeted out-planting of coral at scaleSuggett, DJ; Edmondson, J; Howlett, L; Camp, EF
2018-11A combined strategy of acid-assisted polymerization and solid state activation to synthesize functionalized nanoporous activated biocarbons from biomass for CO 2 captureSingh, G; Lakhi, KS; Ramadass, K; Kim, S; Stockdale, D; Vinu, A
2019-11The effect of statins and the synthetic LXR agonist T0901317 on expression of ABCA1 transporter protein in human lung epithelial cell lines in vitro.He, P; Smith, A; Gelissen, IC; Ammit, AJ
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