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Jan-2003Factors influencing young people's conceptions of environmentLoughland, AF; Reid, A; Walker, K; Petocz, P
Jan-2003Clinical psychology and neurological disability : psychological therapies for stutteringCraig, AR
Jan-2003Species richness-environment relationships within coastal sclerophyll and mesophyll vegetation in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, New South Wales, AustraliaLe Brocque, AF; Buckney, RT
Jan-2003Differences in the surgical admissions to hospital between the indigenous and non-indigenous populations of AustraliaIshak, M
Jan-2003Mosquito host-feeding patterns and implications for Japanese encephalitis virus transmission in northern Australia and Papua New Guineavan den Hurk, A; Johansen, CA; Zborowski, P; Paru, RP; Foley, PN; Beebe, NW; Mackenzie, JS; Ritchie, SA
Jan-2003The extended exponential power distribution and Bayesian robustnessChoy, S; Walker, SG
Jan-2003Physical properties of root cementum: Part 2. Effect of different storage methodsMalek, S; Darendeliler, MA; Rex, T; Kharbander, O; Srivicharnkul, P; Swain, MV; Petocz, P
Jan-2003Seconday students' perceptions of instructional approaches: implications for mathematics learningD'Souza, SM; Wood, LN; Bragg, L; Campbell, C; Herbert, G; Mousley, J
Jan-2003Low-glycemic index diets in the management of diabetesBrand-Miller, JC; Hayne, S; Petocz, P; Colagiuri, S
Jan-2003Density-dependent mortality is mediated by foraging activity for prey fish in whole-lake experimentsBiro, P; Post, JR; Parkinson, EA
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