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2005-01Determining nitrous oxide emissions from subsurface measurements in grazed pasture: A field trial of alternative technologyLi, Z; Kelliher, FM
2005-01Spatio-temporal patterns in the mortality of juvenile bay scallops in North Carolina: investigation of a life-history anomalyBishop, M; Rivera, JA; Irlandi, EA; Ambrose, WG; Peterson, CH
2005-10-31Modelling the impact of population-based cytologic screening on cervical cancer incidence and mortality in Hong Kong: an age--period--cohort approach.Woo, PPS; Thach, TQ; Choy, STB; McGhee, SM; Leung, GM
2005-12-01Identification of "Candidatus Thioturbo danicus," a microaerophilic bacterium that builds conspicuous veils on sulfidic sedimentsMuyzer, G; Yildirim, E; Van Dongen, U; Kühl, M; Thar, R
2005-02Urinary isoflavonoid excretion is inversely associated with the ratio of protein to dietary fibre intake in young women.Blakesmith, SJ; Lyons-Wall, PM; Joannou, GE; Petocz, P; Samman, S
2005-08-08Impact of bleaching conditions on the components of non-photochemical quenching in the zooxanthellae of a coralHill, R; Frankart, C; Ralph, PJ
2005-11-15Gas vesicles isolated from Halobacterium cells by lysis in hypotonic solution are structurally weakenedOren, A; Pri-El, N; Shapiro, O; Siboni, N
2005-12-07Effects of harvesting methods on sustainability of a bay scallop fishery: Dredging uproots seagrass and displaces recruitsBishop, MJ; Peterson, CH; Summerson, HC; Gaskill, D
2005-01Optimising the length of doped polymer light mixersDeller, CA; Franklin, J; Colla, M
2005-04-25On structural stability of nanostructured aluminiumVan Der Kolff, EJ; Berkahn, M; Wuhrer, R; Yeung, WY
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