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2005-07-01Diel variations in carbon metabolism by green nonsulfur-like bacteria in alkaline siliceous hot spring microbial mats from Yellowstone National ParkVan Der Meer, MTJ; Schouten, S; Bateson, MM; Nübel, U; Wieland, A; Kühl, M; De Leeuw, JW; Damsté, JSS; Ward, DM
2005-10-03Potential impact of climate change on wheat yield in South AustraliaLuo, Q; Bellotti, W; Williams, M; Bryan, B
2005-07-01Bovine feces from animals with gastrointestinal infections are a source of serologically diverse atypical enteropathogenic Escherichia coli and Shiga toxin-producing E. coli strains that commonly possess intiminHornitzky, MA; Mercieca, K; Bettelheim, KA; Djordjevic, SP
2005-07-01Temporal and spatial variation in the morphology of the brown macroalga Hormosira banksii (Fucales, Phaeophyta)Macinnis-Ng, CMO; Morrison, DA; Ralph, PJ
2005-01-01Fluorescence imaging application: Effect of leaf age on seagrass photokineticsRalph, PJ; Macinnis-Ng, CMO; Frankart, C
2005-01R v Bropho: Careful interpretation of DNA evidence required for courtroom decision-makingBuckleton, JS; Curran, JM; Walsh, SJ
2005-01-01New integron-associated gene cassette encoding a 3-N-aminoglycoside acetyltransferaseLevings, RS; Partridge, SR; Lightfoot, D; Hall, RM; Djordjevic, SP
2005-05-01Palliative care for end-stage dementia: A discussion of the implications for education of health care professionalsChang, E; Hancock, K; Harrison, K; Daly, J; Johnson, A; Easterbrook, S; Noel, M; Luhr-Taylor, M; Davidson, PM
2005-09-01Spatial analysis of environmental change impacts on wheat production in Mid-Lower North, South AustraliaLuo, Q; Bryan, B; Bellotti, W; Williams, M
2005-03-10Spatial dynamics of virus-like particles and heterotrophic bacteria within a shallow coral reef systemSeymour, JR; Patten, N; Bourne, DG; Mitchell, JG
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